UMC Timothy J Harnar Regional Burn Center

UMC’s Timothy J. Harnar Regional Burn Center is one of only four certified burn centers in Texas, and is one of only 47 regional burn centers in the United States. UMC’s coverage area encompasses a vast expanse of New Mexico, Western Oklahoma, Southern Kansas and all of West Texas making it the third largest geographic area of all regional burn centers in the country. The Timothy J. Harnar Regional Burn Center is also the 11th busiest regional burn center. In 2011 we treated 350 major burns, 250 minor/outpatient burns, more than 300 life threatening wounds, and we had over 1,650 clinic visits. Our burn center is also one of only three units continually verified since 1993.

Today, the Timothy J. Harnar remains the only burn center in the region. It serves patients from throughout the Southwest and is known nationally as a leader in the care and treatment of burn patients. Through our affiliation with Texas Tech's School of Medicine, UMC's Burn Center also is a leading force in research on burn treatment.

The burn service at UMC's Timothy J. Harnar Burn Center is verified by the American Burn Association and by the Committee on Trauma of the American College of Surgeons. This achievement recognizes the burn center's dedication to providing optimal care for our patients.

The primary mission of University Medical Center's Timothy J. Harnar Burn Center is to meet the needs of this region by providing an unequaled level of care in the treatment of all facets of burn injury. This is accomplished through a multidisciplinary effort that endeavors to consider all aspects of a person's life, including his or her physical, social, spiritual and psychological well-being.

Our Secondary mission is to continue to increase the body of scientific knowledge available to all burn centers through our innovative research activities. Finally, we hope to decrease the incidence of burn injury through education of the public by continuing our community outreach programs.

Timothy J. Harnar Burn Center Mission:
The goal of the Timothy J. Harnar Burn Center is to heal and rehabilitate burn patients in order to return them to their pre-injury lifestyles.

Team Approach to Care:
UMC's Burn Center utilizes a "team approach" to specialized medical care. Paramedics, physicians, nurses, therapists, nutritionists, and social workers comprise the team that seeks to achieve this common goal.

The medical care consists of four major components: wound management, pain management, rehabilitation, and nutrition support. From the first moments of a burn injury, members of the team work to prevent further damage to the wound. This includes rapid assessment of the burn for its type and severity and treating it appropriately.

Rehabilitation is an ongoing process with the burn patient. It is provided by the burn team members to assure that minimal to no disability develops during the healing process.

Nutritional support and dietary expertise is also continuously provided throughout the course of therapy. It plays a crucial role in providing the necessary means to the body for healing.

With a comprehensive team approach, patients in the Burn Center and their families achieve rapid recovery and return to normal and productive life.

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