Medical-Surgical Opportunities in the following units:


3 East is our 35-bed medical-surgical floor with emphasis on the adult surgical patient. Six of the 35 beds are dedicated to bariatric patients (with larger entryways and customized furniture). Patients are received primarily from the Emergency Center, Trauma & Surgical Intensive Care Unit, and Burn Unit. Nurses provide pre-op and post-op nursing care for general surgery, neurosurgery, urology, trauma, burn and bariatric services. 3 East is a dynamic, exciting and fast-paced floor with an exceptional team who works to care for the patient as their own.


3 West is our 33 private-bed medical-surgical orthopedic trauma and surgical unit. We perform various tasks -- for patients from young adult to geriatric -- such as planned joint replacements, trauma, and other medical disease processes. 3 West offers a Joint Mobility Camp for our patients who have undergone joint procedures. 3 West provides a learning-conducive orientation that uses interdisciplinary collaboration.


4 East is our 26 private-bed medical-surgical oncology unit with a separate six-bed Stem Cell Transplant Unit. The nurse on 4 East will encompass the roles of direct caregiver, educator, consultant, and coordinator of care and will collaborate with others to provide patient/family-centered care. Courses such as chemotherapy administration are provided to all nurses who call 4 East home.


4 West is our 35-bed medical-surgical unit practicing individualized care of the adult patient. 4 West nurses are experienced in the care of a wide variety of chronic and acute medical conditions and receive special training for the care of renal patients. Nurses collaborate with interdisciplinary teams and a variety of specialists including: palliative care, cardiology, neurology, urology, oncology, and orthopedics. 4 West is team-oriented and has been successful in providing our patients with superior quality and outstanding customer service. Our unit is an ideal place for nurses looking to optimize their clinical expertise, time management, and critical thinking skills.

5 EAST – Intermediate Critical Care Unit (ICCU)

5 East is our 32-bed intermediate critical care unit that provides nursing care for adolescent, adult and geriatric patients. The goal of this unit is to provide high quality care to patients no longer requiring critical care, but requiring a higher level of care than can be provided on the medical floors. Five East serves as a step down unit for the Cardiac Intensive Care, Medical Intensive Care, and Surgical Intensive Care Units.


5 West is a 33 private-bed medical-surgical unit with a cardiac focus. Our nurses also care for patients with a wide array of disease processes. 5 West is very team-oriented and delivers quality nursing care to every patient that seeks our expertise. Nurses on 5 West have the opportunity to work side-by-side with new interns, resident physicians, private practice physicians, and Texas Tech University physicians, as well as a myriad of multidisciplinary teams.


The JT and Margaret Talkington Supportive Care Unit is a 16 bed medical-surgical floor that specializes in supportive (palliative) care for patients 18 and older. Supportive care focuses on the relief of suffering that may occur at many points during a disease trajectory. The nursing staff are trained to care for patients at the end of life, as well as those who will be discharged home or to other facilities. The unit provides a quiet, peaceful environment for patients and their loved ones. There are a few extra features for patients and families, including a family waiting and dining area, children’s play room, conference room and spa for patients.


GTU is a 13-bed medical-surgical unit. Patients are received primarily from the Emergency Center and Trauma & Surgical Intensive Care Unit. Nurses provide care for trauma patients age 60 and older. This unit was developed as a result of Best Practice and Research that indicates that a shorter length of stay decreases morbidity and mortality in the elderly hospitalized patient. With this in mind, nursing is involved in a team effort with other disciplines to care for the patient. 

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