Advanced Practice Provider Spotlight: Matt Pringle

Apr 16th, 2020 | Latest News

Advanced Practice Providers, or APPs, are medical providers, such as Nurse Practitioners or Physician’s Assistants, who are trained and educated similarly to physicians. They work in all areas of the hospital and our clinics, and patients can be treated by an them in the emergency center, operating room or during routine visits. We’ve reserved some space right here to spotlight these special people in our health system quarterly!

Matt Pringle, PA has been a great asset to the UMC Emergency Center for 10 years.

Pringle Matt

He is a dedicated husband and father, who shows his patients the same compassion and kindness he gives his loved ones. His patients describe his as a good listener, attentive and thorough. Dr. Christopher Piel, Medical Director of the UMC Emergency Center, says Matt is enjoyable to work with; he has a great work ethic, and is doing a great job working on the front lines during this time of COVID-19—Matt happened to care for the first patient who tested positive at UMC.

“Our APPs in the EC take care of very complicated patients,” said Dr. Piel. “We’re very selective in hiring, and only the best are able to work year after year in this environment… Matt Pringle fits that mold. I’m appreciative of his selfless nature to continue to work in this high-risk area of the hospital.”

In addition to caring for patients, Matt also takes on the responsibility of precepting future Physician’s Assistants students. Providing them the opportunity to learn skills and care for patients in a positive environment.

We are thankful to have providers like you on our team, Matt!

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