Always Nurse Celebration

Mar 15th, 2021 | Latest News

Twice a year, we host a celebration for our Always Nurses: nurses perceived as always responsive and communicating well, as reflected by survey scores. An ALWAYS Nurse consistently out-performs his or her peers in communication, responsiveness, and compassionate, patient-centered care. We recognize these nurses twice a year based on consistent performance over 6 months. This celebration is special because of the tremendous teamwork, endurance, and dedication our nurses have shown through the pandemic. It takes courage to do what you do and remain steadfast through change. This event is for YOU: our dedicated nurses. We are proud to have you as a part of our healthcare team.

We want to take some time to recognize two nurses who received top awards at the event:

Serica Arenivar 

Serica has been a nurse for 16 years and has worked in Outpatient Surgery for the last 6 years. This is Serica’s 5th time being recognized as an Always Nurse! Her coworkers describe Serica as ALWAYS Leading the Way, Always Helpful, and ALWAYS Compassionate to everyone. They also say that she goes above and beyond to make sure they have everything they need before even having to ask. Thank you, Serica, for consistently showing your co-workers and patients what it means to be an Always Nurse!

Elyse Denning 

Elyse recently joined us in the Family Care Unit. She consistently goes out of her way to show her patients and fellow staff members that they are cared for. She is thought of very highly for ALWAYS being inclusive, ALWAYS teaching, and ALWAYS uplifting others. Her coworkers say that she goes out of her way to make everyone feel loved and is a blessing to all who know her. Thank you, Elyse, for ALWAYS displaying care and excellence in all you do!

We would also like to recognize Always Nurses who have achieved this honor FIVE times: 

  • Shelly Burrow – Endoscopy
  • Daneen Haley – Endoscopy
  • Audrey Sims – PACU
  • Vicki Hambright – OPS
  • Beverly McCleery – OPS
  • Rebecca Stogsdill – STAR
  • Terri Trollinger – STAR
  • Hannah Vnukovsky – Neuro ICU
Always Nurse
Always Nurse

Click here to view a full list of Always Nurses recognized last month.

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