Award Type: Spirit of Service

Zachary Baxter – House Staff of the Month – January 2023

Dr. Baxter is an excellent resident and very personable with our pediatric patients and their families. He makes every effort to communicate clearly with the nursing staff, which is very much appreciated. Dr. Baxter rounds on his patients multiple times throughout the day, something patients’ families admire. Our Pediatrics team thanks him for his hard work and his willingness to go above and beyond to care for his patients.

Anupa Patel – Attending of the Month – January 2023

Dr. Patel helped to implement a great discharge plan with the social work team, leading to an excellent result. She is a fantastic steward of UMC’s resources and is always pleasant and helpful. Dr. Patel makes the nurses’ job easier and is a delight to work with. No matter what gets thrown her way, she makes a plan and performs extraordinarily, even with the most medically challenging patients.

Diah Swanner – Employee of the Month – January 2023

Diah was working on Saturday when she heard about an honor walk for a 15-year-old football player who suddenly collapsed on the field and passed away. Since the young man lived outside of Lubbock, Diah worried his fellow football players might not be present for the memorial. Diah contacted her son’s assistant football coach and her husband and drew support from various teams. Diah’s huge heart showed true UMC pride! Thank you, Diah, for supporting this family.

Daron Jacob – House Staff of the Month – December 2022 

Dr. Jacob noticed that the nurses and surgical techs in the operating room needed help during a busy two-service case and dove in to offer assistance. An extra set of hands was a tremendous load off of the nurse, helping to organize a challenging situation while providing exceptional care to our patients. Thank you to Dr. Jacob for his support and kindness.

Michel Diab – Attending of the Month – December 2022

Dr. Diab had a patient who could not purchase a Spica car seat for her daughter, and Social Services was also trying to locate one. Dr. Diab, out of the kindness of his heart, purchased a car seat for the patient without hesitation. The mother was very grateful for his generosity!

Sabrina De La Cerda – Employee of the Month – December 202

While finishing a shift in the East Tower, Sabrina heard a scream from the women’s restroom. To her surprise, Sabrina discovered a woman inside giving birth, prompting her to alert the UMC medical staff immediately. With the baby on its way, Sabrina calmed the birthing mother and protected the baby as it was delivered, resulting in the best possible outcome.

Nimesh Adhikari – House Staff of the Month – November 2022

Dr. Adhikari went above and beyond the call of duty. He carefully explained how a recent patient’s treatment was going to work so they could clearly understand it. He even assisted the patient with other personal challenges, showing the difference our providers can make. We thank Dr. Adhikari for being so thorough in easing our patients’ hearts.

Shawn Klapproth – Attending of the Month – November 2022

Dr. Klapproth regularly takes extra time at the bedside with his patients, talking to them during rounding. We commend Dr. Klapproth for helping to make patients feel valued and listened to. 5 East, especially, appreciates Dr. Klapproth for his time, patience, and the courtesy he shows staff and patients.

Susie Champion – Employee of the Month – November 2022

Susie went out of her way to gift balloons and a copy of Our Daily Bread to a struggling patient on his birthday. The patient responded appreciatively with a thank you card, letting her know that her gift and gentle affirmations inspired him to attend church and receive the devotional. Susie is a valuable and loved member of our UMC family.

Cameran Mecham – House Staff of the Month – October 2022

Dr. Mecham resonates with calmness in any situation he faces and is appreciated so much by patients, families, and colleagues. He speaks to his patients caringly and compassionately during every visit. Dr. Mecham also takes special care of the nurses by communicating carefully and being mindful of their duties while upholding UMC’s high standards and being a passionate caregiver every day.

Joy Tenpenny – Attending of the Month – October 2022

Dr. Tenpenny is a compassionate, caring, intelligent, and loving NICU physician. While transporting a 22-week-old baby, she FaceTimed and communicated with the transport team responsible for stabilizing the child and met the patient as the team unloaded. She consistently goes above and beyond for her team, patients, and their families, helping everyone pour their hearts and souls into their caregiving.

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