Award Type: Spirit of Service

Ricardo Franco – House Staff of the Month – May 2023

Dr. Franco recently transported a patient by wheelchair to the basement to help them purchase stamps and medications before discharge. Despite Dr. Franco’s busy schedule, he always performs these small, thoughtful gestures to help his patients with things that make them feel better. His team effort shows why, at UMC, Service is Our Passion! We appreciate Dr. Franco’s patience, kindness, and commitment to our healing mission.

Amy Sikes – Attending of the Month – May 2023

Dr. Sikes is a caring physician who always goes above and beyond for her patients. Recently in Urgent Care, a patient suffered from serious asthma and could not afford her medications. Dr. Sikes prescribed her medication, worked closely with the pharmacy to check the cost, and offered to walk the patient to the pharmacy to help pay, ensuring the patient had what was needed. Dr. Sikes is such an amazing example of how Service is Our Passion. We are lucky to have her as part of Team UMC!

Logan Fugate – Employee of the Month – May 2023

While a patient was cooking in her kitchen, a varicose vein suddenly burst in her leg, causing immense bleeding. Worried about the loss of blood, she dialed 911 and asked for help, and the dispatcher carefully talked her through what to do until the paramedics arrived. Logan and the EMS team expertly triaged the patient and stopped the bleeding, but they knew more could be done to make her feel better. Logan spent extra time mopping the patient’s kitchen floor, removing the evidence of the injury and offering her comfort through an otherwise difficult situation.

Jeremy Purser – House Staff of the Month – April 2023

Dr. Jeremy Purser is an exemplary young physician with a tireless work ethic in his patient care. He’s reliable, thoughtful, and creative, and his surgical skills are exceptional. Dr. Purser is talented in procedural care, which he utilizesin patient care and peer education. Dr. Purser is also a passionate and effective advocate for his patients and is always willing to go the extra mile to help a patient get access to a needed medication, treatment, or study.

Ramzi Abdulrahman – Attending of the Month – April 2023

In every potential crisis, Dr. Ramzi remains calm, helpful, and efficient as he pulls his team together to perform the procedures necessary to best treat our patients. His patients are always grateful for his thoughtful and considerate caregiving. Team UMC appreciates Dr. Ramzi’s desire to help our patients achieve the best outcomes—he’s a shining example to all of us here at UMC.

Tabatha Simpson – Employee of the Month – April 2023

When a patient’s wife could not work due to her husband being in the hospital, Tabatha helped her navigate the complex financial information regarding her husband’s discharge and service costs. With a medication co-pay looming and the patient’s wife uncertain how to pay, she was informed that the medications were already prepared for pickup. She soon realized Tabatha generously covered the co-pay cost for her. Tabatha’s kind gesture shows how Service is Our Passion, turning a challenging moment into a loving expression of care.

Jesus Rodriguez – Employee of the Month – March 2023

When a patient suddenly decided to leave AMA from the Emergency Center despite serious mobility issues, Jesus worked hard to accommodate her. Jesus spoke with the patient and managed to recover her wheelchair from her home before assisting her to the bus, ensuring she made it safely back. Throughout the process, he was attentive and caring, showing why, at UMC, Service is Our Passion. Jesus’s co-workers are proud of his selfless commitment toward his fellow staff and our patients.

Renee Garcia – Advanced Practice Professional of the Quarter – March 2023

Renee rushed to the hallway to help a nurse who was coding their patient. On the way back to the room, Renee pushed the bed while the patient’s nurse did CPR. On another occasion, we had to transfer an unstable patient to interventional radiology, and Renee volunteered to deliver medication for the patient. We really appreciate her help and dedication.

Peter Reed – Attending of the Month – March 2023

Dr. Reed is an amazing doctor with a great bedside manner. He is knowledgeable, provides 5-star care, and continually goes out of his way for his patients and staff. When a patient recently had an emergency retinal detachment, Dr. Reed worked closely with the patient and did everything he could to make them comfortable. Despite the challenge, the patient couldn’t say enough about his positive experience in the EC and Dr. Reed’s exceptional support.

Daniel Nguyen – House Staff of the Month – March 2023

Dr. Daniel Nguyen showed his unique patience while treating a patient in the Emergency Center. Though the EC tempo requires a lot of multi-tasking, Dr. Nguyen took several hours to ensure a complex patient received the attention they needed to leave UMC healthier and with a better understanding of their overall health. His responsiveness and support of the nursing staff make him a favorite among his colleagues. We thank Dr. Nguyen for his dedication.

Amy Soderstrum – Employee of the Month – February 2023

With care and compassion, Amy put together a special surprise for a young burn patient struggling with eating and sleeping. With the help of her daughter, Amy assembled a basket filled with comforting treats, cuddly stuffed animals, and fun toys. This small act of kindness is just one example of her thoughtful and loving nature, always going above and beyond to bring a smile to others.

Celeste Gavino – House Staff of the Month – February 2023

Dr. Gavino is an exceptional family medicine resident who quickly responds and works closely with the nursing staff to provide the best care for our patients. In a recent example, Dr. Gavino recognized a pediatric patient struggling with a fever. With swift action, she enabled the patient to receive vital treatment and readied them for surgery. The nursing staff and all UMC appreciate her compassion and thoughtfulness toward our patients.

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