Award Type: Spirit of Service

Eric Madrid – Advanced Practice Professional of the Quarter – December 2023

Eric went the extra mile for my patient in labor, fixing a problematic epidural and ensuring she was comfortable during the procedure. He patiently explained everything and worked efficiently, providing quick pain relief. It’s rare to see a CRNA go to such lengths for a patient. Eric continued to check on her during and after labor to ensure her comfort.

Ruomei Wu – House Staff of the Month – December 2023

Dr. Wu is a dependable team player who consistently takes on extra responsibilities when needed. Outside of work, she goes the extra mile by spending time with patients, offering counseling and reassurance about their conditions. Thank you Dr. Wu.

Kenneth Iwuji – Attending of the Month – December 2023

When I felt really sick and alone, Dr. Iwuji’s humor and kindness reminded me that there are good people around. I was about to give up after two tough years of sickness, but his caring and determination brought me back. It just takes a Godly soul with a healing touch and sincerity to restore the fight and see it to the end. Thank you so much, Dr. Iwuji.

Susie Brown – Employee of the Month – December 2023

Susie went above and beyond for her patient who was sad about spending her anniversary in the hospital. Susie took a plain yellow gown, added lace and a bow to make it special, and gave it to her patient. This small gesture made a big difference, and Susie believes it’s moments like these that make nursing special. She took the time outside of work to bring a smile to her patient’s face, showing true dedication.

Wail Amor – Attending of the Month – November 2023

Dr. Amor provided crucial help for a patient at the EC who was dealing with post-partum depression. When a situation got serious, and we needed a psychiatric evaluation, Dr. Amor stepped in to ensure the patient’s safety. Even when faced with a change of plans, Dr. Amor’s professionalism and commitment to the patient’s well-being shone through, and the patient received the care they needed. Thank you, Dr. Amor, for embodying our hospital’s outstanding culture.

Caitlin Magargee – House Staff of the Month – November 2023

Dr. Magargee’s compassion and attentive listening make her a valuable and caring member of our team. Her willingness to help and her friendly attitude create a positive and supportive environment for both patients and staff. We’re lucky to have her on board!

Dedricke Dunn – Employee of the Month – November 2023

Officer Dunn came to the rescue when a family faced a crisis, as one family member had been injured by another. The family had no money for a place to stay or food. Without hesitation, Officer Dunn paid for a room at a nearby inn and made sure they had food. Officer Dunn is the epitome of the UMC motto, “Service is our Passion,” and embodies every quality we strive to be. His kindness and dedication to service make him a true role model for all of us.

Hunter Graham – House Staff of the Month – October 2023

I was lucky enough to have Dr. Graham deliver my baby in August. She’s kind, calm, and explained everything without using confusing words. She listened to me during labor, and we worked together to bring my baby safely. I’m proud to name my son Hunter after her; she’s born for this job.

Ankush Lahoti – Attending of the Month – October 2023

Dr. Lahoti, an exceptional cath lab physician and teacher, arrives on time, finishes cases promptly, and fosters trust among patients and staff. His positive attitude, dedication, respectful, kind nature make him a true ambassador for “service is our passion,” making our cath lab a great place to learn and work.

Russell Powell – Employee of the Month – October 2023

My twin brother and I were helping a UMC NICU patient and their parents by replacing electrical outlets. When we faced a problem and needed parts, UMC Electrician Rusty from Idalou came to our rescue. He went to Home Depot in Lubbock, got the necessary parts, and returned to help us, even though he had other plans. Rusty’s kindness and dedication truly reflect UMC’s motto, “Service is Our Passion.” We are incredibly grateful for his help!

Meagan Sheldon – Advanced Practice Professional of the Quarter – September 2023

Meagan, a devoted nurse practitioner, showed incredible kindness by going above and beyond her regular duties. While taking care of patients in the MICU, she spotted a dangerous situation – a slippery area near a patient’s bed. Without delay, Meagan took action and cleaned it up to make sure everyone stayed safe. Her caring and proactive approach to patient care reflects the true essence of healthcare. We commend Meagan for her strong dedication to our team and her exceptional commitment to our patients’ well-being. Thank you, Meagan!

Bailey Gutierrez – House Staff of the Month – September 2023

Dr. Gutierrez, who was overseeing one of my patients, went above and beyond. She actively sought me out to discuss the patient’s care plan, expressing her concerns and addressing urgent issues. Dr. Gutierrez advocated for a psychological consultation before discharging the patient, emphasizing the importance of addressing their worsening condition. Her kindness, care, and willingness to assist were exceptional and greatly appreciated. Thank you, Dr. Gutierrez, for your outstanding dedication to our patients.

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