Award Type: Spirit of Service

Jordan Simpson – March 2020 – Attending of the Month

“I appreciate Dr. Simpson’s timely communication and team work to provide the best care and appropriate discharge planning! After a hip surgery he advocated for one of his patients to have a sacral cushion to prevent future pressure sores. He goes above and beyond for all his patients.”

Ashish Sarangi – January 2020 – House Staff of the Month

“Dr. Sarangi is an excellent resident physician who is always eager to help others and provide patients with superior care. He has the gift of making everyone around him comfortable, always greeting others with a wonderful smile and calming even the most distressed of patients, giving them tissues and allowing them to express themselves.”

DeeDee Zimmerman – January 2020 – Employee of the Month

“DeeDee went above and beyond by helping a little girl and her mom in the hallway as she was passing by. The girl complained of chest pain and dizziness, so DeeDee ran to the front of the hospital to get the little girl a wheelchair and on her way back asked two nurses for help. The girl was taken to the ER and several hours later she was taken to the OR. Because DeeDee took time out of her day to check on someone passing her in the hallway and acted quickly, this little girl got the help she needed.”

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