Award Type: Spirit of Service

Susie Champion – Employee of the Month – November 2022

Susie went out of her way to gift balloons and a copy of Our Daily Bread to a struggling patient on his birthday. The patient responded appreciatively with a thank you card, letting her know that her gift and gentle affirmations inspired him to attend church and receive the devotional. Susie is a valuable and loved member of our UMC family.

Cameran Mecham – House Staff of the Month – October 2022

Dr. Mecham resonates with calmness in any situation he faces and is appreciated so much by patients, families, and colleagues. He speaks to his patients caringly and compassionately during every visit. Dr. Mecham also takes special care of the nurses by communicating carefully and being mindful of their duties while upholding UMC’s high standards and being a passionate caregiver every day.

Joy Tenpenny – Attending of the Month – October 2022

Dr. Tenpenny is a compassionate, caring, intelligent, and loving NICU physician. While transporting a 22-week-old baby, she FaceTimed and communicated with the transport team responsible for stabilizing the child and met the patient as the team unloaded. She consistently goes above and beyond for her team, patients, and their families, helping everyone pour their hearts and souls into their caregiving.

Lindsey Nidiffer – Employee of the Month – October 2022

A mother’s oldest child was a patient in the Burn Center with 50% TBSA burns, and she also had a one-year-old with her. The patient’s mother wanted to be present for a procedure at her son’s bedside, but she didn’t have access to childcare or a local support system. Lindsey, a generous caregiver, came to the rescue on her day off to care for the mother’s one-year-old, allowing the patient’s mother to attend the procedure.

Matthew Cox – Advanced Practice Professional of the Quarter – September 2022

Matt Cox is an asset to TSICU and BICU. He’s always calm and understanding, with a great bedside manner with patients, families, and nursing staff. A recent pediatric patient in the Burn Center needed aggressive pulmonary care and became anxious during a breathing treatment. Matt, who’s also a musician, played guitar and sang to the patient, calming him down. Matt is one of our very best, and we’re privileged to have him at UMC.

Ashley Nelson-Smith – House Staff of the Month – September 2022

Dr. Nelson-Smith performed expertly during a recent precipitous delivery in the Emergency Department. She went above and beyond, arriving quickly at the ED when notified of the delivery. Once she arrived, she reassured the patient and delivered the baby without complications. She’s an example of our residents’ exceptional quality and professionalism, and UMC is fortunate to have her as part of our team.

Amy Richards – Attending of the Month – September 2022

In a recent patient testimonial, Dr. Richards was recognized as a mindful listener and skilled practitioner. Throughout the patient’s experience, Dr. Richards’ communication with the nursing staff was flawless, keeping the team organized and on track. As the patient neared labor, Dr. Richards was prepared and ready to deliver immediately so that the patient didn’t have to wait. She is beyond grateful for the care provided throughout her pregnancy.

Tara Lloyd – Employee of the Month – September 2022

Tara is a kind, loving, and humble nurse with a servant’s heart. While caring for a cancer patient struggling with chemotherapy, Tara reminded her of how beautiful she was before lending her a prayer cross to hold through the admission process. Later, while collecting blood cultures, Tara played soft music and sang with the patient, comforting and reassuring her during the stressful procedure. Tara’s thoughtful acts helped the patient feel seen and loved, exemplifying that Our Passion is You!

Adan Castrodad – House Staff of the Month – August 2022

When a patient struggled for two days with medical equipment after a difficult treatment, his family became concerned. A nurse reached out to Dr. Castrodad, and he promptly resolved the patient’s problem in fifteen minutes. The patient’s family was extremely grateful, and Dr. Castrodad’s intervention put their worries to rest.

Rami Bonam – Attending of the Month – August 2022

Dr. Bonam goes above and beyond for those in his care, and he’s always a prompt and responsive communicator. As a sign of commitment to his patients, Dr. Bonam processes discharges quickly, allowing his patients to return to the comfort of their homes as soon as possible.

Melissa Barrett – Employee of the Month – August 2022

Melissa realized that the skin cream used for radiation patients was cost-prohibitive and difficult to access. After hearing about an alternative skin cream from a patient, Melissa presented information about the product to her department’s medical director, resulting in its quick approval. Melissa’s compassionate initiative gives our patients greater access to preventing skin-related side effects.

Caleb Gottlich – House Staff of the Month – July 2022

Dr. Gottlich recently assisted a child in the ER with a wrist laceration. Despite being very busy with consults, he took extra time to build rapport with the family, putting everyone at ease. Dr. Gottlich repaired the injury and left a lasting impression on the family, serving as an example of UMC’s passionate care and exceptional service.

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