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Sign the Beam Ceremony at the New UMC Health and Wellness Hospital

An American flag whips behind the steel frame of the future UMC Health & Wellness Hospital, where men in white, brown, and yellow hardhats weld metal to metal, and showers…

ICUs Working Together Through Trauma

Resiliency and mental health have come to the forefront of administrators’ minds as hospitals and their staffs move into a later stage of the coronavirus pandemic. For example, UMC offers…

Deep Dive: Family-Centered Care in Pediatrics

The word swirls in her mother’s head like a storm: “Leukemia.” The walls in the hospital’s room are colorful, filled with bright murals that lift her spirits, but the potential…

A Return to Volunteering at UMC

From the first moment a patient, visitor, or employee steps through the doors at UMC, they’re greeted by a smiling face. Volunteers give directions if needed or supply a mask…

Way to Go, Career Ladder Recipients

Congratulations to our April 2021 to April 2022 Career Ladder Recipients! Thank you for always showing your passion to care for community!

UMCP Clinic Spotlight – UMC Gastroenterology at MOP I

UMC Health System has fellowship-trained gastroenterologists who provide the highest level of comprehensive care for a variety of gastrointestinal conditions. UMC Gastroenterology at MOP I is one of the few locations that offer amazing care to our community. Dr. Das is an accomplished Board-Certified Advanced Gastroenterologist with a goal of providing passionate and patient-centered care.

40-Year-Employee Spotlight – Sandra Reyes

Sandra Reyes has been with UMC for 40 years, and we are so thankful for her service! Read below to hear more about Rosalyn and why she loves UMC and continues to work for us.

UMC Undy Run

This year marks the first year for the UMC Undy Run, which is a fundraiser that raises awareness for Colon Cancer.

UMC Children’s Hospital Bunco Brunch

Charles Cypert was born with severe Cleft Lip and Palate. Faced with the challenge of either going to a larger city for Charles’ surgeries or staying in Lubbock, parents Sarah and Wade Cypert decided to put their trust in UMC Health System.

Newsweek Award

UMC Health System is the only hospital in Lubbock, Texas to rank in the list of Newsweek’s 4th annual World’s Best Hospitals 2022 which recognizes the best medical institutions across 27 countries.

Together We Stand

UMC held the annual Pinwheel Ceremony in honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month. In Lubbock County, an average of 3 children per day become confirmed victims of abuse and neglect. On April 1, UMC Children’s Hospital hosted “Pinwheels for Prevention” to raise awareness for child abuse and neglect.

A UMCP Celebration

On February 25, UMCP rolled in the dice at their annual banquet which was Las Vegas themed! This event celebrates their great year as well as highlights the UMCP clinics and providers. Below is the list of award winners!

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