CMN Miracle Kid Spotlight: Abram Parra-Garcia

Aug 13th, 2020 | Latest News

CMN Miracle Kid Spotlight: Abram Parra-Garcia

Diana Parra’s pregnancy with Abram was a difficult one. After a routine ultrasound at 21 weeks, Dr. Yeomans, Texas Tech Physicians Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist at UMC, informed her the baby had gastroschisis. This is a condition where the bowel and small intestines are outside the abdomen wall. At week 32, Diana began experiencing contractions, and Dr. Yeomans induced labor the following day.

Diana gave birth to Abram on February 9, 2019. His parents got to see him briefly before he was taken to surgery to correct the gastroschisis. After surgery, Abram was in the UMC NICU for 95 days—he went home on May 15. However, after three days, he began vomiting.

Abram’s parents rushed him to the UMC Emergency Center where he soon stopped breathing. Emergency staff acted quickly and resuscitated him. He remained in the Pediatric ICU at UMC Children’s Hospital for 21 days under the care of Dr. Thivakorn Kasemsri, Dr. “Tiva,” Pediatric Critical Care specialist, and had to have four additional surgeries. 

He has undergone 7 surgeries in his lifetime, but Abram is a happy, healthy 1-year-old. He is crawling, sitting and showing signs of wanting to walk! His parents carefully monitor his diet to keep his digestive system healthy.

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