Comfort for Patients in Tumultuous Times

May 19th, 2020 | Latest News

We are honored that Frenship ISD’s Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board has decided to partner with the UMC Cancer Center to help us deliver comfort to patients during some of their most tumultuous times.

The Student Advisory Board, made up of 22 students who serve all four years of high school, does a community project every year. The project always involves making and donating blankets to provide comfort to patients of all kinds, and it was inspired by an experience Frenship ISD’s own Superintendent, Dr. Michelle McCord, had with her own ill mother a few years ago.

This year, they decided our Cancer Center would be the recipient of their blankets. We received the first few in February and have recently been able to comfort some patients with them. 

Sharon Shoulders, Administrative Director of the UMC Cancer Center, gave the first of these blankets to a patient who was extremely anxious on her first day of treatment. She immediately saw how the patient’s face changed as she ran her hands over the blanket and held it.

“It’s a very personal gift,” Sharon said, “and I saw with my own eyes, when I gave the first blanket away, the patient immediately relaxed. It‘s a small, simple way to show patients things are going to be okay, they can do this, and they are in good hands.”

Each blanket also comes with a beautiful note, showing this collaboration between Frenship ISD and UMC. Both parties look forward to all the comfort these will continue to bring patients in the future.

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