UMC’s First Annual Trunk or Treat

Nov 3rd, 2022 | Uncategorized

It was four days before Halloween and dark clouds hung eerily in the Northern sky, as somewhere down below, skittering like spiders across the Business and Technology Center’s grounds, were the most dreadful (and sometimes the cutest) creatures
abound. Maybe not actually spiders, no, but varieties of Spiderman from every far end of the Marvel universe imaginable, joined by fellow superheroes, too, many standing only a few feet or two. There was Ironman and Hulk, Black Panther and Wonder
Woman, heroes of all degrees, orange bags with pumpkin faces bobbing around their knees. Potters and Snapes of all size and shape sowed spells like Riddikulus that’d make the worst bogarts gape! From their castles on high, we saw princesses
pass by, each dressed in the glory of gowns and riches. Wights and witches, Frankensteins with stitches balancing flattened green heads and large-mouthed grins—all came together to congregate and meet, for UMC’s first annual Trunk or Treat!

UMC’s spooky staff members and generous local vendors all put the “boo” in candy-filled booths, and thousands of trick-or-treaters braved sky-high bouncy houses and browsed the selection of chocolates and gummies while running from the
groans of foot-dragging mummies (and sometimes mommies, too). Food trucks delivered plates of quesadillas, sweet drinks and barbeque, or honeyed sopapillas, and as the wan moon began to glow and the cold wind began to blow, the children scurried away
with their big evenings’ bounty.

In the end, the story is more about how a community came together and enjoyed the crisp weather as communities should do. A big thanks to all who made the Trunk or Treat a ball and showed that our care extends beyond our hospital walls—we’re
a region of caregivers, of providers that deliver on our most important promise, that Our Passion is You.

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