Miracle Children


Seeing children go home healthy is the reward for the many dollars and volunteer hours given to Children's Miracle network (CMN). Each year, CMN asks children that have been treated at UMC to share their "miracle story." These stories help provide a glimpse into the many ways CMN and UMC help to make miracles every day. Read about our 2017 Miracle Kids below.

Jeevan & Keeran Gill – 1 years old – Lubbock, TX


Carly Gill went to UMC on December 16, 2015, to have her 24-week ultrasound to check on her twins. While she was there, Carly began feeling as though she was having contractions. She let the staff know, and it was determined that she was in labor. Thankfully, Carly was in the right place at the right time! She was wheeled over to Labor and Delivery and gave birth via C-section a couple of hours later. Jeevan weighed 1.12 lbs. and Keeran weighted 1.11 lbs. Because they were micro-preemies, both boys were rushed to NICU, and they remained there for 84 days. Much to everyone’s surprise, both boys had no major issues as compared to other premature babies. Jeevan did have two laser surgeries on his eyes, but that was it! Both boys went home on oxygen and heart rate monitors. Today, the Gill twins show no signs of being born prematurely. Like every other 14 month old, Keeran and Jeevan are getting into everything and are enjoying making their parents run after them.

Braxton Hartle – 2 years old – Clovis, NM


In June of 2016, 18-month-old Braxton Hartle had what seemed like a bad stomach virus. His parents took him to the hospital in Clovis, New Mexico, where he was treated for dehydration. He appeared much better upon release—he even helped his dad wash the car—until the next morning. Braxton awoke extremely lethargic, unable to lift his head. His parents took him back to the hospital in Clovis, where it was determined that he needed to be airlifted to UMC. The doctors at UMC were able to better assess Braxton’s condition—a fact his parents, Brenton and Leslie Hartle, are grateful for! It was determined that Braxton had Hemolytic-uremic Syndrome (HUS). In short, he contracted an E. Coli bacteria that produced shiga-toxins and caused his kidneys to shut down. He spent 13 days in the hospital, where he received emergency surgery and was on manual dialysis for 10 days. Although he continues to see a pediatric kidney specialist every six months, Braxton is a healthy, happy two-year-old that shows no sign of ever having this disease. Brenton and Leslie Hartle firmly believe that if it weren’t for the wonderful care he received at UMC, he wouldn’t be here today.

Claire Janssen – 4 years old – Lubbock, TX

Claire Janssen

Mindi Janssen went in for a routine 20-week ultrasound during her pregnancy with daughter, Claire, when doctors realized something wasn’t quite right. The Janssen’s were told the baby had a bright spot on her heart, her kidneys were enlarged, and her cerebellum was smaller than expected. Baby Claire’s condition was monitored during subsequent routine ultrasounds. Much to the Janssen’s delight, the problems with Claire’s kidneys and heart ended up correcting themselves, however, the cerebellum remained the same. Mindy gave birth to Claire normally. However, at only two months old, a CAT scan revealed her ventricles were enlarged. Doctors continued to routinely monitor her. An MRI scan was done at 19 months old to reveal Claire’s spinal fluid was not draining properly. Dr. Belirgen, pediatric neurosurgeon, decided to perform an Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy; he created a small hole in the anterior portion of her third ventricle to allow the cerebrospinal fluid to flow normally. Claire was in the hospital for three days and was able to go home right before Christmas—a Christmas miracle. Today, Claire is a joyful, healthy, 3-year-old animal lover! She has MRI’s every six months to monitor her condition and continues to have speech and physical therapy monthly.

Dakota Revell – 14 years old – Clovis, NM


On the last day of school before Christmas break, Dakota Revell, sophomore at Clovis High school, was sitting on the back of a car with a friend. The driver began to joke around with them and began slowly driving and stopping the car. Dakota thought the driver was done, so she began to jump off of the car. The car began moving forward during, and Dakota was unable to get back on the car. Instead, she fell off and hit her head on the pavement. Blood then starting coming out of her ear. Dakota was rushed to the hospital in Clovis where a helicopter picked her up and took her to UMC. She spent 21 days in Pediatric ICU and an additional week in UMC’s Pediatric Unit. She had to have part of her skull removed to relieve brain swelling; it was later replaced. Currently, Dakota is much better but is still recovering. She is in rehabilitation for three hours a day, however, she is expected to be discharged soon.

Jamie Badillo – 2 years old – Hobbs, NM

Jamie Badillo

In August of 2016, 21-month-old Jamie began showing cold or flu-like symptoms. She was experiencing ear infections, stomach problems and a sore throat. Her mother, Claudia, took her to the doctor often. Some weeks it was every day. Eventually, she took Jamie to the emergency room in Hobbs, NM (where they live). Blood work showed Jamie was anemic, however, Claudia still had a gut-feeling that something else was going on with her daughter. Jamie was finally brought to UMC by ambulance a few weeks later. She was admitted to the Pediatric ICU. A bone marrow biopsy revealed that Jamie had ALL, a form of leukemia. She began treatment immediately. Claudia continues to bring Jamie in for treatment, bloodwork and tests weekly. Jamie is now two years old, and always comes to the UMC Southwest Cancer Center in high spirits. Her treatment program will last three years.

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