Courtney Line - Diagnosed at 35

I am avid about doing my self-breast exams because my husband and I lost both of his parents (mom and dad) to breast cancer. One night I was getting ready for bed—I wasn’t even checking—and my hand happened to brush across my breast. Something felt different. My primary care physician sent me to get a mammogram and an ultrasound to be safe. I then was scheduled for a biopsy with Dr. Rahman at the UMC Southwest Cancer Center. I was told it was breast cancer two days before Thanksgiving.

At the beginning of this journey, I prayed it wasn’t cancer. But I also prayed if it was cancer, I was going through it for a reason. I soon found my reason: I made a friend in fellow survivor, Holly, who would have gone through this completely alone otherwise. I started chemo on March 12 with her, rang the bell on July 23, same as her, and I began radiation in August.

The staff at UMC’s cancer center is phenomenal! Nurses will bend over backwards to help you. Dr. Jones was my medical oncologist, and I felt so safe in her hands. She put her own mother on treatments she gives patients, like me, which assured me she gives the best treatment options. I’m grateful to UMC for helping me fight!

My advice for current and future fighters:
1. Have faith and be positive; believe everything will be okay, and it will be.
2. Mammograms are a great thing, but you HAVE to know yourself! I was not of screening (mammogram) age yet, but because I knew my breasts I was able to detect a lump.

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