Peggie Hunter - Diagnosed at 62

I have received a mammogram every year for almost 20 years. Each year I am greeted by people who know me, and I’d like to think I bring some cheer into the UMC Breast Imaging Center when I come in. In 2016, my routine became not-so-routine.

Results showed a lump, so I did a second mammogram, followed by a breast biopsy that confirmed it was cancerous. At this point I started feeling afraid, but I knew I was in good hands. Because I was so diligent about screening, the cancer was detected before it had officially reached stage one, and I didn’t have to undergo radiation or chemo therapy. I got a dog for support (she really helped me through this) and set out for this journey with courage.

Each person who cared for me at the UMC Southwest Cancer Center was wonderful! They were with me more than they needed to be, but I am so grateful for it. I even received transportation assistance, as I don’t drive. Dr. Rahman and Dr. Jones worked with my primary care physician as needed, so care was smooth. UMC gave me hope, and I will always carry that with me.

My advice for current and future fighters: Early detection is so important! Go to yearly well checks with your primary care physician, and screen for breast cancer yearly once you hit the recommended age.

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