What to Do in Case of a Burn

Burn Tips:

  1. Stop the burning process
  2. Remove all burned clothing
  3. Pour cool, running water over the burned area for at least three to five minutes (30 to 40 minutes for a chemical burn).
  5. Remove all jewelry, belts, and tight clothing
  6. Do not apply ointments or butter to wounds
  7. Cover burns with a soft, clean, dry dressing or bandage
  8. Seek medical attention

Burn Prevention Tips:

  1. Install smoke detectors in your home, and frequently check the batteries
  2. Keep cigarette lighters and matches out of the reach and sight of children
  3. Use pot mitts when picking up pots, and secure loose sleeves with an elastic band
  4. Adjust the thermostat setting on water heaters to 130 degrees or lower
  5. Carefully dispose of smoldering charcoal
  6. Read and follow the directions for proper use of electrical appliances
  7. Never run cords under rugs, through doorjambs, behind radiators or across walkways.
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