Healthy Habits, Healthy You: Week Two

Week Two: Physical Activity

wellness-webWhy be active? Physical activity is the single-most helpful thing you can do for your body. The benets of regular activity help combat many chronic diseases—diabetes, cardiovascular disease, some cancers, hypertension and more. It also aids in sleeping, maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress, coping with depression and maintaining general well-being.

What are your benefits?

What are the benets of physical activity that keep you going? When you can’t get motivated, think about those benets, how activity makes you feel when you are done and how important it is to have a regular, lifelong habit.

The hardest thing about getting active is lacing up your shoes. Put on your shoes, get out there and get moving. When you do, you’ll probably stay out longer because it feels good to move! Challenge yourself to go at least 10 minutes or add time to your current routine.

Let's Discover!

Try these tips to add more activity to your daily routine:

  • Pay attention to the number of hours you watch television each day. Replace a portion of that time with doing something active such as vacuuming, walking, gardening, participating in a group exercise class or going to the club to workout. You’ll feel the benets in no time!
  • Join or create a walking club at work or at home with friends. It’s a great way to set yourself up with a support system.

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