Pathways Reminds UMC Employees to Stay Above the Line

The line is invisible, but everyone knows where it is.

You’ll stumble below it when you point the finger of blame, deny problems at hand or work diligently to cover your tail – just a few of multiple ways we can falter in the work place.

The key, says Tony Bridwell, isn’t to never go below the line. That would be impossible for anyone working in a large corporation, he says. Instead, don’t spend so much time below the line that you get your mail delivered there.

Such straight forward talk was the theme of UMC’s recently Pathways to Leadership presentation in the McInturff Conference Center. Bridwell is vice president of Partners in Leadership, an organization that helps clients achieve positive business results by focusing on the actions of individual leaders and employees.

Some highlights from his presentation:

  • Manage your stories or they will manager you.

The stories we tell about UMC affect the way we and others see our hospital. A person’s beliefs, combined with experiences, generate actions and results. So make sure your stories don’t hinder our results.

  • Stay above the line.

There’s no harm in occasionally getting frustrated or discouraged. But focusing on things we can’t control – falling below the line of engagement – leads to a disengaged work force that doesn’t achieve the results we all want, for ourselves or the hospital.

  • Actions, beliefs and experiences define your culture

Your culture is about results, and there’s a whole stream of beliefs, experiences and action that define those results.

Pathways to Leadership is one of several programs available to UMC employees to help leaders improve in their jobs and train those who will lead UMC in the future. If you would like to attend the next Pathways event, talk to your manager or director about how you can get involved.

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