UMC Completes First Successful MRI-guided Breast Biopsy


UMC recently completed our first successful MRI-guided breast biopsy! This is a big deal for patients and took a major team effort to accomplish.

Dr. James Henderson, UMC’s fellowship trained Breast Imaging specialist, with help from radiology and breast imaging, began our breast MRI Program. Through this program, we can now offer MRI-guided breast biopsies.

“MRI is the highest level of technology in breast imaging,” said Dr. Henderson, “and we’ve created a program that is the best in the region. Lubbock now has the technology and expertise needed to accomplish this, and the times of having to go to Dallas or further are no more. We are proud to be able to serve our patients better.”

“Now that we do this…patients will be receiving better care.”

Typically, when a patient comes in for breast cancer screening (a mammogram), an image is taken of the breasts to check for any lesions (tumors). If a lesion is discovered, a biopsy is then done to determine if it is cancerous. Up until this point our biopsies have been done with the help of ultrasound. Now that we do so with MRI, patients will be receiving better care. MRI is much more detailed and high resolution, and it is much more accurate in achieving the tissue samples needed.

It took a major team effort to accomplish this procedure, from couriers to radiology to mammography and more.

“The end result is we get to help people with cancer,” said Jim Barrett, UMC MRI Supervisor, “and it’s a huge blessing.”

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