Why Service is Our Passion: Emergency Center Physicians

The UMC Emergency center is a 75 to 80 thousand-volume facility with 150 nurses and over 30 providers. Providing care in such a high-volume, high-risk setting requires more of care providers.

However, our Emergency Center takes that a step further in that we also provide care to the entire region and Eastern New Mexico. Our focus is not only to provide good emergency care but to also extend that care to others in the region.

Because we are a rural hospital system in an urban setting, we have many opportunities to impact other emergency departments through Telemedicine and other avenues. Telemedicine allows providers in rural hospitals to video call our providers in the Emergency Center to get help with caring for patients, and it often saves the patient an unnecessary trip to Lubbock.

Why does the EC go above and beyond for Lubbock and the entire region? Because we have the opportunity to apply science to the way we flow patients through the EC and to the way we care for them that is unique. Our why: to use science and innovation to create new and unique ways to care for our patients both at UMC and across the entire region.

Think about your why as it applies to what you do every day. It’s then that you are able to find true purpose and meaning in your work. Thank you for all you do.

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