Lab Process Improves Patient Outcomes

Lab Automation2-IDSA Conference

In May 2015, UMC implemented the Becton Dickinson (BD) Kiestra Total Laboratory Automation system, which automates sample setup, incubation and lab results. Because of the large success in implementing this automation system, the UMC Microbiology lab is known nationally, and Carolyn Gonzalez-Ortiz and Alanna Emrick, of the microbiology team, had the honor of presenting a poster on it at the IDSA (Infection Disease Society of America) Conference.

“The BD automation system standardizes our workflow,” said Alanna Emrick, UMC Lab Section Manager in Microbiology. “Before, there were many differences in the way we would set things up, depending on who was working during which shift. Now, every patient receives the same standard of high-quality care through more efficient and accurate lab results.”

“there has been a huge change in the way we do microbiology, and ... how results impact our patients.”

Because of the use of the BD automation system, there has been a huge change in the way we do microbiology and huge changes for how results impact our patients. It plays into antibiotic stewardship because it allows us to get accurate lab results faster; we are able to treat a patient quicker and target their antibiotics properly.

The UMC Lab was the second lab in the country to implement this automation system. This has allowed us to serve as a consultation site for other labs that go live with automation—we can train other hospitals on how to use and implement it.

Alanna and Carolyn’s manuscript with research over implementing this system is also under review for publication submittal. Thank you UMC Microbiology lab for your hard work and dedication!

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