UMC’s Strategic Plan

Happy New Year to each of you and your families.  Thank you for everything you do to make UMC the hospital of choice and employer of choice for Lubbock!

Beginning February 3rd, you are encouraged to share your feedback by completing an Employee Satisfaction Survey. Many positive changes have taken place because of your faithful participation.  Please know every comment is read and every departmental result is examined. Your voice is heard, and you can see a list of improvements made based on your feedback in the “You Spoke, We Listened” article.

Service is Our Passion is our culture. It describes WHY we do what we do. Our goal is to differentiate UMC as the market leader in patient satisfaction and loyalty across the entire experience. Service is our competitive advantage as it sets us apart from other healthcare providers. The service we provide must be felt by every patient, visitor and most importantly every employee that walks through the door.  Competition is fierce, so we must continue to improve the patient experience by extending the very best to those we serve, just as if they were our own family. Every encounter from a clinic visit to a post-discharge phone call is evaluated to ensure we are providing the best possible service.   

We will continue our journey to become a High Reliability Organization in 2019 as we drive toward ZERO preventable harm. We must improve the quality of care to ensure the safety of our patients and our employees. The patient experience is a combination of service and safety. We must show high reliability across the board. I want to thank you for your work in standardizing practice and being mindful in all we do. Your work reduced patient harm events over 20% in 2018! Please continue to report concerns through RL Solutions and forward safety issues to our daily safety huddle. We anticipate further harm reductions in 2019 as we aim for zero. 

Stewardship is defined as the careful management of something entrusted to our care. This includes more than just our buildings and equipment, it includes our image, our brand and the trust the entire region has in UMC and, specifically, in you. You were instrumental in the success of last year’s Waste Walk by providing suggestions that saved UMC over 5 million dollars! We will rely on you again in 2019 to help UMC maximize our financial strength so we can continue to accomplish our mission. UMC received $22.6 million in taxes to treat over $73 million of indigent care costs. The gap of over $50 million is made up in large part by commercial insurance, patients who choose UMC because of the service and quality you provide. This gap also reminds us we must be careful to manage labor, improve efficiency and patient flow each and every day. It is just like at your own home, we must ensure our revenue exceeds our expenses. 

Service is Our Passion is not just about patients, it is about you, our most valuable asset. The Service Is Our Passion culture change began in 2002 by listening to our employees and helping them engage in the meaningful work done here each day. We aim to secure and retain talent because the truth is, talent always has a choice of where to work. I want you to be engaged in your team and rewarded for the work you do. A good starting point is to ensure each of us respect the expertise and job of our coworkers, no matter who is behind the badge. Great things happen at UMC every day. We must take the time to recognize one another for making those great things happen. We have seen a significant increase in the number of Manage Up submissions over the past year and hope to see that number rise again in 2019. Gratitude is a great thing, and I encourage you to use it liberally. 

Growth of UMC is two-fold. First, physical expansion, like new buildings, new units, new service lines and second, the growth and strength of the brand of our hospital. In 2019, we plan to open a new rehab hospital through a partnership with Encompass Health. We also will break ground on a new parking garage to better serve you and our visitors. Also coming in 2019 is a brand new kitchen and central stores area. You have worked hard to earn the trust of our community and region, and the strength of our brand continues to grow. Thanks to you, UMC is now the market share leader. The goals we have established in the growth pillar are dependent on an excellent patient experience. We cannot fall behind, we must move forward. 

We have a sacred responsibility, a commitment to a purpose bigger than ourselves. You are the reason for UMC’s success. You exude Service is our Passion to our patients, to our visitors and to each other. For all you have done, THANK YOU!

2019 Strategic Plan

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