Be a UMC Ambassador

At UMC, we want you to be proud of where you work; in fact we encourage you to be! We want you to be so proud that you share this pride with your family, friends and neighbors. Because you’ve built something no other hospital has. Service is Our Passion is more than a catchphrase, it’s our ‘why,’ it’s what sets us apart, and it’s our competitive advantage. It’s why, today, more people choose UMC than any other health system in West Texas.

But to get where we want to go, we have to know where we’ve been. Too keep what we have, we have to know how we earned it.

Let’s be honest: UMC used to be a hospital few chose to use. But we’ve changed that. How? We changed it by asking each other what we can do better.

  • In 2003, the first year of the Press Ganey survey, our employee satisfaction was 35 percent.
  • Our turnover rate was 40 percent.
  • Patient satisfaction, 50 percent.

And today? Eleven straight years of employee satisfaction around the 90th percentile. Patient satisfaction among the highest in the nation. Because as employee satisfaction rose, patient satisfaction rose. As we took better care of each other, we took better care of our patients. And people noticed. Today, more than 400,000 people a year utilize UMC or one of our clinics, because they recognize the service we provide and what it means for themselves and their loved ones.

Thank you. Thank you for having a servant’s heart. Thank you for continuing to be an ambassador for UMC by sharing our culture and our passion. Every time we check on a patient, greet a visitor in the lobby, wipe tears from someone’s face… every time we put others first, we are living out Service is Our Passion. Because of you, our culture is strong and we continue our mission of service to each other, our patients and our community.

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