Voice Box

One thing we take major pride in at UMC is our patient safety. We continually do a great job keeping patient safety at the forefront of our minds, however, we tend to put so much emphasis on patients that we almost forget about each other. We hope to put an end to that and make employee safety just as important with our new and improved “Voice Box.”

Voice Box has already been active on the Intranet for a while, but it used to only be an avenue for workplace engagement, comments and suggestions. Our Quality Management Oversight Committee recognized an opportunity for all departments, including offsite departments, to have an avenue to voice safety concerns. Many in-house department leaders huddle every morning to discuss service and safety issues, however, this is difficult for off-site departments to attend. For this reason we expanded Voice Box as a space to voice concerns.

This space can now be used for just about any recommendation, question or idea that employees want to tell us about, including safety concerns. Depending on what type of issue is brought up, it will be sent to the correct person in the health system to address and help come up with a solution. Voice Box is not an avenue for complaints. It is for ideas and suggestions for helping us become better and safer.

You can submit your suggestions through Voice Box on the UMC Intranet by either typing voice box in the search bar, or by using this link: umcapps01/EmployeeSuggestion/

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