Why Service is Our Passion: Health Plan Operations and Managed Care

Our Health Plan Operations and Managed Care departments at UMC may be small, but they sure do make a HUGE impact on the health system!

Health Plan Operations is made up of six people who work behind the scenes, diligently, to make our employee health plan possible. Thanks to them, our health plan is the Cadillac of health plans: it’s designed to meet your family’s healthcare needs by providing access to a comprehensive network of hospitals, primary care physicians and specialty care physicians—all while keeping your cost affordable. Thanks to them, we don’t have to worry about paperwork, billing or insurance claims! They do it all for us. Why does Health Plan Operations do all of this for us? To extend Service is Our Passion to our UMC teammates by facilitating the employee health plan benefits.

Managed Care is a two-person department. Not only do they serve as the managed care team, they also serve as a business development team. On the managed care side, they negotiate payer agreements that best benefit our health system. They help make sure healthcare received at UMC is paid for. On the business development side, they meet with insurance agents and employer groups to educate them on UMC’s culture, services provided and high quality of care; as well as promote events, such as Ladies Night Out. This helps draw members of the community to choose UMC for care. Managed Care’s why is to provide and sustain financial stability for our health system through facilitation, negotiation and maintenance of contractual agreements and relationships.

We are so grateful to have both of these departments making our care run smoothly every day!

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