Brixton Marshall


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At 20 weeks of pregnancy, Brixton’s mother, Eileen, went in to have an ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby. During that ultrasound, a black mass was found; it turned out to be the baby Brixton’s bladder. He had a blockage and his bladder was inflated to a size bigger than his head.

Brixton’s parents were given two options for his diagnosis with no intervention: drive eight hours to Albuquerque to terminate the pregnancy, or carry him full term with the possibility of him suffocating due to a lack of lung development. Eileen and Brixton’s father, Mikey, decided to get another opinion and consulted Dr. Edward Yeomans, a Texas Tech Physician who specializes in high-risk pregnancy at UMC.

Dr. Yeomans offered two more options: operate on the baby while still in the womb and surgically place a shunt inside Brixton that would allow his bladder to drain through a small hose, or perform vesicocentesis—they chose the second option. They removed 80 ccs of urine from his bladder using ultrasound and a large needle. This procedure allowed Brixton to urinate at 28 weeks in utero.

Brixton was born on December 21, 2017. It was determined he had chronic kidney disease, prune belly syndrome, hydronephrosis, hyperkalemia and failure to thrive. He sees pediatric urologist, Dr. Cynthia Smith regularly. He recently traveled to Cook Children’s Medical Center to trial dialysis.

Brixton’s miracle story is still being written. The current plan is to get him to meet a weight requirement of 22 pounds to be able to be considered for a kidney transplant. Eileen will be his transplant donor.

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