Calm in the Midst of a Storm


We are always blown away at your willingness to serve and go above and beyond your job descriptions! Last month UMC EMS did just this by helping Whisperwood Nursing Home during one of our big storms.

On May 10, UMC EMS Communications Center was contacted and resources were requested to respond to Whisperwood Nursing Home in reference to a mass casualty incident. Although no death casualties occurred, Whisperwood Nursing Home experienced a power outage. This left 97 residents, including 17 oxygen-dependent residents, without power.

UMC EMS initially deployed one ambulance and a fox unit. A page was immediately sent to staff the AMBUS. Initial units on scene began triaging patients, awaiting additional resources. With the help of other emergency responders, we were able to assist residents in many ways, such as:

  • Two patients transported, non-emergently, to local facilities by UMC EMS
  • All oxygen-dependent residents were immediately placed on portable oxygen bottles and monitored by Whisperwood, UMC EMS, and Lubbock Fire and Rescue staff

9 UMC EMS resources were utilized including:

  • 3 UMC EMS ambulances rotated through the scene to standby and transport patients if needed.
  • 3 Paramedics on scene for triage and monitoring of residents.
  • 1 Incident commander
  • 1 Triage Officer
  • 2 Transport Officers
  • 1 Ambus Load Master
  • 1 Ambus Crew Boss
  • 2 Ambus Paramedics
  • Multiple Citibuses to transport ambulatory patients if needed
  • Multiple full time LFR Engine and Truck companies and supervisors
  • Lubbock Fire Marshall Office investigator

That night, all but two residents were able to return to their rooms safely. Thank you, UMC EMS, for how you serve our community and for calming Whisperwood residents during this storm!

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