Monthly Ambassador Spotlight: UMC nurse and Tech game

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Monthly Ambassador Spotlight: UMC nurse and Tech game

At our yearly Service Is Our Passion meeting, we discussed what it means to be a UMC Ambassador—sharing our culture and passion. Even before this, you have been great at being an ambassador to each other, to patients and to our community. We’ve reserved this space right here each month to tell your stories of ambassadorship.

One of our registered nurses, Cole Vinyard, recently went above and beyond for one of our terminal cancer patients, truly showing what it is to be a UMC Ambassador!

The patient, being a huge Texas Tech football fan, was upset about missing the opening game against Montana State this season. He was also sad that he never would see a football game in the recently built Jones AT&T stadium. 

When Cole, an RN, BSN who works in 3 East, heard about this situation, he didn’t hesitate to offer his suite tickets to the patient and his wife. 

 “I overheard some people talking about it, and I asked some questions,” Cole said. “I’m fortunate enough to have access to a suite at the stadium. I thought it would be an ideal situation for him.”

The cancer patient was so excited to attend the game! Cole coordinated with the unit to pick the patient and his wife up at the hospital, introduced them to his friends and family, and then dropped them off after the game.

“If you have an opportunity to help somebody feel better, even if just for a little bit, then you just do it!” Cole said.

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