Bonus Letter to all Staff 2019

November 19, 2019

Dear UMC Staff, 

Thank you very much for your work, contribution and passion.  We have many things to celebrate as 2019 draws to a close.  I am grateful to you for your commitment to our hospital.  By serving each other, you keep our culture, Service is our Passion alive.  On Friday, December 20th your Sharing Success Retention Bonus will reward eligible employees 23 hours of pay plus loyalty hours, and eligible part-time employees 11.5 hours plus loyalty hours.  

Service:  Service is our Passion defines our culture…it is our “why” at UMC.  That will never change.  Our patients don’t come to us just for WHAT we do…they are loyal to UMC for WHY we do it!  Your attention to service has ranked UMC nationally in the top 10% for patient experience. UMC was also voted BEST Hospital in Lubbock & BEST ER by the Lubbock AJ for 2019!  Patients and visitors feel Service Is Our Passion through every interaction.  

Quality:  We continue our journey to become a highly reliable organization as we a) wage war on variation, b) standardize clinical processes and c) drive toward ZERO preventable harm.  Your efforts this year to date have reduced patient harm by 10%.  That is something to be proud of.   

Stewardship: Your ideas to reduce waste resulted in over $4.3 million saved in the 2018 Waste Walk, 10% of which will be added to your Sharing Success.  UMC is an incredible VALUE to Lubbock and the entire region – thank you for owning this business, for being a good steward.  Stay vigilant.     

Teamwork: Once again, Texas Monthly named UMC a Best Company to Work for in Texas.  This is the 12th straight year UMC has received this honor.  Employee recognitions (Manage Up) more than doubled in 2019 and on pace to exceed 16,000 submissions.  Thank you for modeling Respect for the person behind the badge. 

Growth:  The trusted UMC brand continues to strengthen across service lines and UMC continues to be the market share leader.  Two examples of how we care for our community:  In 2019, UMC opened the region’s only Pediatric Behavioral Clinic, and After-Hours Symptom Management Clinic to serve our cancer patients.

Sharing Success Measurement Full Time Payout
Patient Safety Patient Harm–Decreased by 26 harm events 8
Finance Hospital Operating Margin = 4.66% 8
Finance Waste Walk Savings = $4.285M 5
Patient ExperienceLikelihood to Recommend Inpatient = 82.9%
Ambulatory Surgery = 88.9%
Emergency Center = 63.3%
Outpatient Services = 81.3%
UMC Cancer Center = 89.9%
Total Payout for Full-Time 23 hrs + loyalty hrs

Your work proves Service is our Passion. I hope you and your family enjoy a blessed holiday season. Sincerely,

Mark Funderburk

Sharing Success and Retention Bonus 2019 Payout

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