Monthly Ambassador Spotlight: Employees Giving to Barbara Head

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At our yearly Service Is Our Passion meeting, we discussed what it means to be a UMC Ambassador—sharing our culture and passion. Even before this, you have been great at being an ambassador to each other, to patients and to our community. We’ve reserved this space right here each month to tell your stories of ambassadorship.

Barbara Head worked as a nurse educator in the Emergency Center at UMC for a number of years. She is highly respected by her peers and coworkers. Last year, she received a diagnosis of breast cancer that not only shook her but shook the department. Due to her treatments, she had to miss some work but fellow employees were great at stepping in and donating PTO hours. She recovered beautifully.

Earlier this year, Barbara found out she now has serious brain tumors. Because of this, it was much harder for her to come in and work full-time but she couldn’t afford not to. That’s when staff from all over the hospital rallied together to help her!

Staff from all over donated PTO and others figured out ways to raise money to make sure Barbara would still get her paychecks worth until she was able to collect disability payments. Bruce Mitchell, Director of the EC made and sold homemade beef jerky; he then donated any profits to Barbara. Multiple EC employees sold Lady Bug pins for employees to wear on their badges, as this is Barbara’s favorite animal. This was a way to both honor her and donate proceeds to her. Even after Barbara was able to stop working, physicians and nurses passed an envelope to collect funds to help Barbara take one last trip with her children and grandchildren.

All these acts and more show the love and support you have for each other, and we are so proud! Way to be heroes and ambassadors.

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