Emergent Care

UMC Emergent Care is my real-life super hero.
UMC Emergent Care brings hope.

Emergent Care

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UMC Emergent Care

At UMC Health System, we know that the unexpected can happen at any given moment. For this reason, we have multiple staff ready to respond in the best way possible. UMC EMS, the UMC Level 1 Trauma Center, and the UMC Timothy J. Harnar Regional Burn Center are all in place to help when needed, making a difference in your life.

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Emergent Care


UMC EMS has served Lubbock and the surrounding areas for over 40 years! We have years of practice in getting to you—our average response time is three minute less than the national average. UMC EMS covers a region with more than 300,000 people and works with medical staff at the regions only Level 1 Trauma Center at the UMC Emergency Center. This means emergency patients picked up by UMC EMS are taken to receive the very best care in the region.

Level 1 Trauma Center

UMC’s Trauma Center is like no other in West Texas and the surrounding areas. We are proud to be leaders in the care of the traumatically injured. This means that when UMC cares for the critically injured, we help them come full-circle. A patient’s care does not stop just because they leave the hospital—we continue care on a regular (out-patient) basis until you are 100 percent better, every time.

Urgent Care Center

The UMC Urgent Care Center is designed to take some pressure off of our Emergency Center, so they can handle the true emergencies. It is a great middle ground between your primary care physician and the UMC Emergency Center. We know that sometimes things happen when your primary care physician is not available to see you. UMC Urgent Care Center is a great place to go when this occurs. The Urgent Care Center is also excellent for when you experience a minor emergency, such as a sprained or broken bone. We have a caring medical team ready to care for you and get you home as soon as possible.

Kassi's Story

From a young age, Kassi Shannon knew she wanted to be an EMT when she grew up, just like her dad. Her philosophy is similar to her fellow UMC EMS staff: she loves being able to make positive differences for others and bringing hope.

Level 1 Trauma Center

UMC was the first facility in Texas to receive the Texas Department of Health's Level 1 Trauma designation because of our care for the critically injured.

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Burn Center
UMC Harnar Burn Center

UMC’s Timothy J. Harnar Regional Burn Center is one of only four certified burn centers in Texas and is one of 47 regional burn centers in the United States.

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Emergent Care
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All of the emergent care we give at UMC makes an enormous difference in our patients' lives. Thank you for your willingness to give, so we keep making a difference.

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