meQuilibrium Launch

Jun 8th, 2022 | Uncategorized

With healthcare professionals experiencing unprecedented burnout, anxiety, and stress, it’s important to address workplace challenges with innovative solutions. As part of the evolving Wellness+ program, UMC introduces meQuilibrium, a dynamic workplace resilience system designed to combat the psychological triggers resulting in mental fatigue and illness. Available through a convenient mobile app, meQuilibrium offers short, targeted sessions based on a personal pre-assessment that identifies risk areas specific to each employee. Over time, and with committed use, meQuilibrium has been shown to alleviate burnout by up to 25%, increase workplace performance, and promote emotional intelligence, mindfulness, positivity, problem-solving, self-confidence, work-life balance, and much more.

A few of the features to expect from meQuilibrium include exercises on meditation, deep breathing, mindfulness, healthy eating, and how to stay active in our busy professional environments.

In addition to personal exercises, meQuilibrium offers de-identified analytics to program directors that provide a large-scale view of their employees’ stress-related challenges. With this information, directors and supervisors can make tailored adjustments to their work environments that are meaningful to their employees’ day-to-day. With both personal and systemic wellness offerings, meQuilibrium is another way UMC is working to build a healthier culture for its employees and its patients.

meQuilibrium is available for all UMC and UMCP employees beginning June 1. For more information on what meQuilibrium has to offer, watch this video.

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