Pharmacy Savings for UMC Heroes

Mar 15th, 2021 | Latest News

The UMC Outpatient Pharmacy and the UMC Health Plan are excited to announce a new benefit for UMC Health Plan members! On March 3, the new Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Clinic opened to YOU.

What does an MTM Clinic do?

The MTM Clinic is a physician supervised clinic, which uses specially trained pharmacists to improve and strengthen a patient’s knowledge, understanding, and ability to afford their medications. In simple terms, it saves you money!

Where will the clinic be located?

The clinic will be conveniently located within the current Ambulatory Care Center in Mop II.

How do members benefit from the clinic?

Members receive special consultation and management of their prescription needs. All out-of-pocket expenses will be waived for the visit as well as any medications prescribed through the MTM Clinic and filled at the UMC Outpatient Pharmacy!

Who can access the MTM clinic?

Right now, we aren’t limiting access to health plan members, including dependents, who are currently taking a drug on the approved list. We look forward to announcing expanded participation soon!

How do members make an appointment?

Members can either be referred in by their physician or contact the clinic directly at 806.761.0710.

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