A Great Place to Work

Best Place to Work
We are taking our vision to heart, as evidenced by our ranking number four, this year, as one of the Best Companies to Work for by Texas Monthly. Read below to seehow special this recognition is from the perspective of Glen Frick, Executive Director; Reyes Jimenez, Chief Operating Officer; and Steven Maddux, Chief Financial Officer.

What does being named #4 mean to you as our leaders?   

Glen Frick:  #4 is way cool, but it is more about what #4 represents. It means we are fulfilling our vision of being the best place to work and the best place to receive healthcare. We are taking care of each other so that we can take care of our patients.

Reyes Jimenez:  It is a testament to the great people we have on our team. Achieving #4 means we are continuing to do the right things to set the organization up for success. It also says to me that our employees believe in what we are doing and enjoy partnering with us to do great things.

Steven Maddux:  UMCP being recognized as #4 is reinforcement that the culture we are implementing is achieving great things. I think it shows that UMCP is setup for further success and the sky is the limit. 

What is the significance of the consistent increase we’ve experienced over the years in our Best Companies ranking? 

Glen Frick:  It means we are building relationships.  We are talking to each other.  We are talking about the good things and the things we can improve on.  Then we are taking action.

Reyes Jimenez:  It signifies that our culture is more than just words on a strategic plan. It’s a reflection of constant focus on our employees and ensuring that we all hold ourselves to a higher standard. Additionally, it says that we are not okay with the status quo or merely maintaining pretty good performance. We expect to be the best place to work and the best place to receive healthcare.

Steven Maddux:  The consistent increase we’ve experienced is a sign of the hard work and dedication of everyone within UMCP. I think it shows that the culture will endure and positions UMCP to continue to get better and better.

How does SIOP impact employee and patient satisfaction?

Glen Frick:  Service to each other …. Service to our patients.  Service is our WHY.  It is WHY patients trust us with their healthcare needs.

Reyes Jimenez:  UMCP’s main purpose and existence is to provide a service to the community. Everything we do has to revolve around that. SIOP is our way of verbalizing our commitment to our community and each other. It gives us a common objective that everyone can contribute towards to help make this a great place. Employees want to feel like they are working towards something or helping to accomplish something; patients want to feel like they are being taken care of in their time of need and SIOP provides those for us.

Steven Maddux:  SIOP is the foundation upon which being the best place to work and the best place to receive healthcare is built.  The SIOP culture supports and nurtures employee and patient satisfaction.

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