New employees answer the question, “Why did you choose UMC Physicians?”


“As a nurse practitioner student, I had the opportunity to do clinical hours in many different settings. I really liked my experience at the UMCP clinics. I was very excited when a job became available after I finished school.” – Victoria Chapa, PNP-C, UMC Northwest Pediatrics

“I have always wanted to work for UMC. I’ve heard so many great and positive reasons to work for this company. I have been quoted telling people “I will work at UMC one day”. God has opened that door for me. I am so excited to be a part of one of the UMC entities. I look forward to having a company invest into me as much as I invest in to them. I look forward to making this my home and retire from here.” – Rita Rincon, CMA/Scribe, UMC Milwaukee Family Medicine

“I was born at UMC (formerly Lubbock General Hospital) when it was brand new in 1978. I only applied to ONE medical school (Texas Tech). I only applied to ONE residency program (Tech Family Medicine). I delivered all 3 of my children at UMC. I cannot imagine working anywhere else or receiving healthcare anywhere else.” – Travis King, MD, UMC Milwaukee Family Medicine

“When I applied I was looking for a company that would support and help me further advance. I interviewed with Amanda for the float pool and she was just over the top with positive vibes. She seemed very pleased to be working with UMC Physicians, and I thought to myself, ‘I haven’t seen anybody that happy with their place of business in a very long time’. I wanted to be a part of that. Thank you!” – Christy Mitchell, Patient Representative, UMC Southwest Medical – Family

“It is a great place for career advancement. The organization’s mission and values are outstanding. They have done a great job of valuing all employees and doing their best to meet the needs of everyone. Most importantly, I want to be able to make an impact on someone’s life.” – Melissa Arizpe, Patient Representative, UMC Internal Medicine Associates

“I had the opportunity to do my externship at UMC Internal Medicine. The staff there made me feel comfortable and I learned a lot there. The patients I was able to work with during my externship sparked my passion to continue to serve them. The last days of my externship I made the decision to put in an application so that I could continue to work with UMC Physicians.” – Claudia Escobar, Referral Clerk, Referral Department

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