Cardiac ICU + Telemetry Why

Although Cardiac ICU and Telemetry are separate departments, they work closely together to ensure our patients truly are receiving the most effective care.

All open heart surgery patients recover in CICU. Nurses in this unit specialize in hemodynamics, or dynamics of blood flow, and monitor patients as closely as they can. However, with the hustle and bustle of each day it’s helpful for them to have a second set of eyes on each patient. That’s were Telemetry comes in.

Our Telemetry department is made up of 27 nationally certified individuals whose job is to monitor cardiac rhythms—each monitor tech is watching up to 60 patients at a time. They watch patients heart rhythms and if they see even the slightest change, they call nurses to let them know.

Because of this partnership, life-saving interventions are often made on behalf of the patients. One night, a patient was admitted onto the CICU and in his first 10-15 minutes, Barbara, a monitor tech, noticed his heart rhythm was elevated. After a few minutes of watching, she called the charge nurse on the unit and asked her to take an EKG. The EKG revealed the patient was having an active heart attack. His care team was then able to get him the care he needed. This is the perfect example of how these two departments truly go hand-in-hand.

Their why: they have a heart for our patient’s hearts. Learn more about how the Cardiac ICU and Telemetry work together in the video below.

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