Letters of Legacy

Having never had any surgery before I didn’t know what to expect. From the moment I got checked into the hospital for my surgery to the moment I was discharged it was a very good memory and experience for me. From the receptionist who first checked me in to Zach, the young man who wheeled me out the day I was discharged. I really felt the whole time I was there that I was someone very special, because every person I had any doing with made me feel that way. Everyone, every person, was happy, upbeat and enjoyed their work. I could see that on their faces. Being around people like that is a blessing and joy. It was most definitely for me. There were people I remember. I remember their names and forgive me for not remembering everyone’s name. All the people went out of their way to make my hospital stay a positive, upbeat and pleasant experience. Every hospital in the country should have employees like the ones at UMC. Your employees are the best of the best. Thank you so much to all of you for taking such good care of me and being so patient doing it. Thank you for enjoying your job—I saw it on your face, your actions and your attitudes, which were all fantastic. Here are the names I remember, and thank you all for all that you did for me.

Dr. Cammack, thanks doc. Like you said I feel like a 20-year-old in that area again. Thanks for being so interested in my health.

Sandra, thanks for being patient with me and coming back many times after I hit the button.

Claudia, she was so friendly and upbeat.

Scaevia, always checked on me often, even brought me ice water when I didn’t ask for it.

Dr. Graham, who I first talked to about the climbing repeat, thank you for you and Dr. Cammack it was a total success.

My anesthesiologist, I can’t remember your name. Thank you for getting me ready for the best.

Myra and Brooklyn, these 2 ladies took such good care of me. How many nurses that you know are working the night shift replacing my IV bags and draining my urine bag so many times and are happy and friendly with a smile on their face the whole time they are doing it.

Dr. Lu, thank you for taking the time to ask how I was doing.

Amanda, very friendly happy and upbeat.

Thank you to everyone else I may have forgotten. I’ll be back to climbing the rope very soon.

UMC employees are the Best of the BEST.

Letters of Legacy are letters received by UMC administrators highlighting the tremendous work done by UMC staff. If you have received such a letter and would like to submit it for nomination, please forward to Chris Duncan.

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