Letters of Legacy

I wanted to write a letter about the care my husband received after his horrible head-on collision accident on January 11th, 2019. He was air lifted to your hospital and rushed to the ER, then to the Surgical ICU. They didn’t think he would make it, and if he did, he would lose his legs or may not ever be able to walk again. However, with your hospital and the amazing care he has received, he is going to make a full recovery. He has had some astounding care from day one. We have been here going on 18 days and counting, with hopes to leave back to our home in Albuquerque, NM, this week. In this process, we have met quite a bit of your staff. I would like to take a few minutes of your time to highlight some of the doctors and nurses that stood out to us while we have been here. 

Dr. Abassi, who was with him from the time he was moved to SICU to the time he was moved to the 3rd west floor. He was very comforting and even spent time checking on me to make sure I was ok and understood all that was going, at every step. Dr. Jenkins was amazing at what he does and fixed my husband’s hip and ankle. Dr. Felton worked on his back with a quick repair. Dr. Ferguson and his team made sure my husband legs got all the attention they needed and made sure I understood all the processes as they were happening. Dr. Brooks has been attentive in checking on my husband and making sure he is comfortable.  

As for the nurses: we have had some incredible ones. Kelly a night nurse in the SICU was very efficient, she made me feel he was getting the best care when I left at night. Laura was very sweet and kept my husband calm by calling him “friend” when he was intubated and could not speak. Mason Garret on the 3rd floor has made us feel at home— even checking on my husband when he was not in his care, staying on top of all the pain meds and making it manageable for my husband. Lindsey, another night nurse, dealt with my husband even when he was upset from the pain and took it a bit out on her, by finding ways to make him more comfortable in his bed. Geraldine, for making him laugh nightly, and being his waitress when I could not be there.  Sam, Emily, Melissa, Ali, Martin and many others on 3 West that do quite a good job at making sure all patients are taken care of the way they would want to be taken care of, and that is very commendable. 

Kendra, the social worker, has been extremely helpful with all the paper work and questions I have had. Setting up the transfer back home to Albuquerque and making sure I was well taken care of during this time of need. And even the students, housekeeping staff, Suzy and CNA’s have been great! Very friendly and kind to me and my husband. 

And I saved the BEST for last. Veronica Benitez R.N. is one of the most phenomenal nurses I have ever encountered in all my hospital stays. By the way, my husband has had quite a few of those: 7 surgeries in 5 years (3 hernias, 1 bowel obstruction a 10 day stay, 2 back fusions, broken knee and gastric sleeve surgery, where he lost 300 pounds in 2 years). I also work with RN’s back home in Albuquerque, for the past 6 years. So, you could say I have met my fair share of nurses, to make this assessment.  

Veronica made a connection with my husband in just one day that was fascinating to watch; with him not being able to speak she knew everything he wanted or needed. I can't even do that, and we have been married to him for 21 years. She was sweet and attentive and treated us both like real people. Her nursing skills are top notch, and your hospital should have her training others to be just like her. My husband only had her one day out of 18, and she has checked on him many times, even if she is not on the clock. She is now his new “BBF,” as he calls her. He asks every nurse he talks to if they have met her because she made such impact on him. I feel like we made a lifelong friend in her. UMC is lucky to have her on their staff and trust me when I say this if I could take her with us, we would!  

Thank you for your time and I hope all of these individual’s get a pat on the back from the hospital for going above and beyond the call of duty.  

Jennifer and Ricky Sanchez 
Albuquerque, NM

Letters of Legacy are letters received by UMC administrators highlighting the tremendous work done by UMC staff. If you have received such a letter and would like to submit it for nomination, please forward to Chris Duncan.

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