October 2020 – Progress Notes

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  • Empowering with Early Detection

    Empowering with Early Detection


  • Veteran Recognition

    Veteran Recognition


  • About Physician’s Assistants

    About Physician’s Assistants


  • 2020 DNV Survey

    2020 DNV Survey

    Growth, Safety/Quality

  • progress-notes-always-nurse-cover

    Always Nurse Celebration


  • A New Class of UMC Heroes

    A New Class of UMC Heroes


  • 37 Years of Miracles

    37 Years of Miracles


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  1. What is the new program, implemented last month, UMC has put in place to recognize veterans?
  2. Name two things a Physicians Assistant can do
  3. Name 3 noteworthy efforts DNV found at UMC
  4. Who are our top two Always Nurses?

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  • Employee of the Month


    Clinton McFatridge

    Inpatient Pharmacy

    "Over the 4th of July weekend, UMC had a nurse who suffered a needle stick from a source patient who was positive for Hepatitis B. The nurse needed an immunoglobulin injection within a certain time frame, or her health could be at risk, and we did not have enough. Clint took initiative and drove all the way to Amarillo so she could receive this necessary medication."
  • Attending of the Month


    Elizabeth Rivas, MD

    Texas Tech Physicians, Anesthesiology

    "Dr. Rivas is the best anesthesiologist because she always goes the extra mile. She did several regional nerve blocks on our post-op patients in the PACU for pain control, despite her busy operating room schedule. Patient safety is her number one priority. We just love to have her on our team!"
  • House Staff of the Month


    Cathy Gentry, MD

    TTUHSC Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology

    "Dr. Gentry took the time to help operating room staff go over discharge instructions with a patient and son post-operation. She was able to communicate with them clearly and effectively in their primary language, so they knew exactly what to do to recover. We appreciate her willingness to help in this way!"
All Star

Brandi Bartlett



Taylor Coke

Nursing Support Services


Emily Garcia, MSN, RN, CCRN / Vanessa Harkness, BSN, RN, CCRN / Anjelica Mazzolini, BSN, RN

Neuro ICU


Felecia Mason, LP / Monica Villanueva / Paul Flores / Ethan Winegarner / Katlin Reeves / Joshua Reyes


Jessica Wolff

Jessica Wolff, MSN, RN, PCCN, CNML

Medical Surgical ICCU

Anjelica Mazzolini, BSN, RN

Anjelica Mazzolini, BSN, RN

Neuro ICU

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