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Nursing Employment FAQ

What happens to my application after it’s submitted electronically?

All applications are reviewed by Nurse Recruitmentand the best-qualified applicants for the open position will be forwarded to the hiring director.

Can I apply for more than one open position?

We ask that you select the position that is of most interest to you and for which you meet the minimum qualifications. You are welcome to communicate with the Nurse Recruiter if you are interested in multiple nursing positions.

Can I apply for a position that is not listed?

No, only positions that are available are posted on the website. UMC only accepts applications for open positions.

Do I need to fill out the Employment History section if I submit my resume?

Yes, you will need to complete all areas on the employment application.

How long will it take to get a response? How should I follow up on the status of my application?

Applications are reviewed for employment daily. Nurse Recruitment and Nursing Department Directors determine which candidate(s) will be selected for interview.  In the event you are selected for interview, you will be notified. If you are not selected for employment interview, you will not be notified. For questions regarding the status of your application, you may contact the Nurse Recruitment Department @ 806-775-8912.

Should I contact the department to which I am applying for to check the status of my application?

No, every applicant begins the application process through the Nurse Recruitment Department.

I was previously employed at UMC. Can I reapply?

If you are eligible for rehire, you can apply at any time.  If you are ineligible for rehire, you may write a letter of appeal to the Director of Human Resources.

If I don’t have experience in a specific job, which states “experience preferred” can, I still apply?

Yes, but you should understand that we will consider those applicants with requested experience first.

I’m already a UMC employee, how can I apply for an open position?

Any UMC employee can apply for open positions as long as they are posted on the UMC employment website. You must however, have a minimum of one year of current UMC experience, prior to submitting your transfer request for employment per policy.

I’m a nursing student, but I do not see any openings for nursing students. What should I do?

Your best option would be to look for positions that compliment your present skills and to the position posted.  After completion of your first semester in nursing, you become eligible to work as a nursing assistant and after your second completed nursing semester in nursing, you become eligible to work as a Nurse Tech.  As a nursing student, you will be asked to provide a college transcript, validating your current nursing school enrollment.

What is considered full-time and part-time status?

Full-time employees usually work 80 hours per pay period every two weeks. In nursing units that work 12-hour shifts, 72 hours is considered full-time status. Part-time status is a minimum of 20 hours worked every two weeks. In a unit that works 12 hour shifts – (2) twelve hour shifts will be required.

What does PRN status mean? What is the work requirement?

PRN employees are required to work a minimum of (4) shifts per month and must have recent hospital experience within the previous 12 months.

What do I do if I experience problems with this site or need assistance with completion of my application?

We encourage you to contact the Nurse Recruitment Department, Monday–Friday, from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. @ 806-775-8912.

What would prevent my application from being sent to the Department Director for review?
  • Not completing the application as requested–not completing employment, separation, or telephone numbers from previous employers.
  • Not being “eligible for rehire” if you have worked atUMC previously.
  • Desired hours on your application is not applicable to the posted position.
  • Not having a solid work history. UMC is seeking applicants that have strong work history with qualifications that they can build on to become part of the UMC team.
  • Licensure restrictions.
  • Not having employment work authorization.
  • Falsifying information on your application.
Will I be notified when UMC receives my application?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once UMC receives your on-line application.

Will I be notified if I did or did not get the position?

You will be notified if you have been selected for interview and notified in the event you have an offer of employment.

What Can I Expect on Interview Day?
  • Come to the Nurse Recruitment Department at the assigned time.
  • You will meet with the Nurse Recruiter prior to your interview with the Nurse Director.
  • You may have a second interview with Peer Interview Team (3 or more members of staff that work in the area in which you are interviewing).
  • You may be sent to Lakeridge Primary Health Care Center for urine drug screening. All drug screens must be performed within 30 days of employment start date.
  • The offer or refusal of employment will come from the Nurse Director in which you interviewed once all interviews have been completed.
What Can I Expect After I am offered a position at UMC?
  • A start date will be determined collaborative with your Nurse Director.
  • In-processing will be scheduled (Pre-Employment) prior to your start date.
  • In-processing day is when you are registered for hospital orientation, nursing orientation, medication testing, Licensure validation, etc.

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