Serving with Passion and Purpose

Jun 8th, 2020 | Latest News

UMC Physicians

  • Culture: Service is our passion.
  • Vision: The best place to work and the best place to receive healthcare.
  • Mission: To improve the quality of life for our community.

“Amid the crisis, a company’s purpose should remain steadfast: It’s never negotiable. Purpose is where the head and the heart unite.”

How does the work you are doing during this pandemic enable you to personally / purposefully contribute to the Culture, Vision and/or Mission of UMCP?

I am very honored to be a part of the COVID-19 Clinic.  It has been amazing to watch several departments come together for a common cause.  We have been able to work with UMC employees which has been nice and an opportunity to build a better working relationship with UMC.  I am very proud to work for an organization that Service is part of our mission statement and what better way to serve than to have the chance to work at the COVID-19 clinic.  It has been a lot of hard work, a lot of long hours but very rewarding.  A true example of Service is Our Passion!  One of the things that has been most impressive to me is the fact that the UMCP Executive Director and COO have been out there every day and the CFO helps out when his schedule allows.  Dr. Barker has been amazing!!  He has truly been the COVID Commander and we are very proud to have him.  I am very Proud to be an UMC Physicians employee during this pandemic.

Sherri Stone, COVID Clinic, Placing Orders for Tests, UMCP ‘Home’ location – Operations Director

Working at the COVID trailer has helped contribute to our culture because it has allowed us to be there for our community during a very difficult and needing time. It has contributed to our vision because many of our co-workers have stepped up and offered extra time to help one another. I believe we are helping our mission by being involved and showing our community and patients that their lives and wellness do matter to UMCP.

Audri Jaramillo, COVID-19 Clinic Patient Representative, UMCP ‘Home’ location – UMC MOP Urgent Care

Everyone can come together as one to make something happen. We live out our mission as we put in countless hours in during all kinds of weather to make sure our community has testing available. Everyone is learning from each other across the company by doing different jobs than what we are all used to. We know we can all rely on each other to help each other out.

Lauren Casares, COVID-19 Clinic CMA Swabber, UMCP ‘Home’ location – UMC KingsPark Urgent Care

Working at the COVID Clinic enables me to serve my community of people who may be frightened or uncertain during these times. I get to be a calming presence for a moment to people who can be overwhelmed by the virus and the information they hear.

Desinee German, COVID-19 Clinic Patient Representative, UMCP ‘Home’ location – UMC LakeRidge Medical Center

Getting to work at the COVID-19 Drive Through Clinic gives me a chance to serve the Lubbock Community as well as help improve the quality of life for our community. Whether we are calming anxious patients or just getting them positioned in the correct lane for testing, I go home knowing I had a chance to make a difference. The community has really shown its appreciation by donating countless meals and supplies to our efforts. This makes me proud to work for UMCP.

Bill Paulk, COVID-19 Clinic Traffic Control, UMCP ‘Home’ location – Operations

Working at the COVID Clinic allows me to contribute to the culture of UMCP. We are providing a service with passion by allowing people an opportunity to get screened for COVID-19 effectively and efficiently.

Maria Gonzales, COVID-19 Clinic CMA Swabber, UMCP ‘Home’ location – UMC MOP Urgent Care

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