The First Health System to Join the LBK Community Network

Mar 15th, 2021 | Latest News

UMC Health System is a proud member of the LBK Community Network, and our Social Services Department has done a wonderful job joining smoothly!  The LBK Community Network is a collaborative alliance of community-based organizations (CBOs) committed to working together to more effectively improve the lives and well-being of those we serve.  

Participants of the LBK Network use a simple-to-use collaboration platform called Signify Community to coordinate services and improve social and community health outcomes. This privacy-secure platform allows organizations across different sectors to easily send electronic referrals, manage their program enrollment and eligibility, and measure outcomes.  

The UMC Social Services Department uses the platform by completing an admission assessment with patients, which includes a questionnaire regarding social determinants of health. This information can then be used to refer the patient to the CBO needed in the network who can best help the patient. UMC joined in June 2020, and since then has connected 81 patients to programs in the network!  

“It is important that UMC joined the LBK Community Network,” said Kyle Galyean, Director of Social Services, “We want to be a part of helping resolve social determinants of health, like food security, housing security, and similar areas which can impact someone’s overall health.” 

The network is currently made up of 11 CBOs, and UMC is the first health system in the community to join! Thank you, Social Services Department, for making this happen!

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