Why Service is Our Passion: Security Why

Jul 13th, 2020 | Latest News

Fact is we need security because of the world we live in. And we are SO glad to have our own in-house security team protecting and serving.

Our Security Services department is made up of 40 people, and they are here to make sure peace and protection are maintained in our health system. They serve and protect in the following areas:

  1. Our hallways- Security maintains constant communication with medical staff and patrol for suspicious persons and/or items
  2. Our parking lots- A member of security patrols our parking lots during all shifts. The parking lot situation doesn’t have to be dire for them to help! They are here to also help jump your car if it won’t start or air your tire up if you have a flat.
  3. In high-risk areas- We have areas of the hospital considered high-risk. Our security team makes sure extra staff is in these places to ensure safety.

Their why: protecting and serving our UMC family and guests.

“We are all a part of one team at UMC,” said Ashley Cuellar, UMC armed security guard. “It’s our privilege to work alongside you and to have your back in any situation.”
Watch the video below to learn more about why UMC Security is here to serve you.


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