A Letter to TeamUMC

Dec 16th, 2022 | Uncategorized

Dear TeamUMC,

Our Passion is You is more than a Brand Promise to patients. It is our promise to our employees as well. Each year we implement new ways to provide the best working environment possible for all of us. Several changes were made in 2022 to support you and your family through the UMC Wellness + program. We are thankful you shared how some of these changes impacted your work life as well as your personal life.

UMC cares about your Financial Well-being:

  • All eligible employees received the annual RETENTION BONUS ($2.5M+ paid). UMC is the only hospital we know offering bonuses to all employees.
  • UMC employees saved more than $700,000 in out-of-pocket pharmaceutical expenses in 2022 through our Rx Perks (MTM) program.
  • UMC extended prescription pick-up in the BATC so employees in this building can take advantage of the UMC Pharmacy without making the drive to the main campus.

“Thank you so much for helping to bring about the MTM pharmacy. I save almost as much as I make monthly on my medication costs. I always tell everyone about this wonderful service. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

UMC cares about your Emotional Well-being:

  • Your Tranquility Room received a facelift along with additional massage chair spaces. You are encouraged to take a few minutes, there, to destress
  • UMC has three on-site Psychologists who frequently round on units and are available to all UMC Staff.
  • TEXTCOACH offers free tele-psychiatry sessions for employees needing immediate access to counseling.
  • Employees can access MeQuilibrium to identify a path to improvement and greater resilience.
  • We now have a substantial group of employees certified to lead Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM); they are ready to intervene and assist employees after traumatic events.
  • Improved access to EAP Counseling from 8 to 12 sessions per year for employees and their families.

“My husband passed away earlier this year. I have never done therapy or gone to counseling or anything of the sort because I’ve always been “fine.” Well, after he died, I was no longer fine. I was grieving heavily and not coping as well as I thought I should be. I went to EAP to reassure myself that grief is okay and to find healthy coping mechanisms. I’ve worked hard on finding who I am as a person independently and have grown a lot emotionally. EAP helped me tremendously, and I still go whenever triggering events happen in my life. I encourage everyone to utilize EAP whenever they struggle or need someone to talk to.”

Lastly, UMC employees have served as energetic and effective Ambassadors in our community…serving meals, building ramps, and caring for many, including our adopted school, Brown Elementary. You are showing Passion in Action – all through the year!

Thank you for working at UMC and for cultivating our SIOP culture – for our patients and each other. UMC is growing, and we have a bright future of mission-minded work ahead. So, we will remain vigilant to serve and to improve year after year. Toward that end, your opinions and ideas are needed to help guide the ship. Please share your feedback by completing your survey from February 6 – February 19.

With much gratitude,

Mark Funderburk


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