UMC Family Birth Center

The mission of Family-Centered Maternity Care is to provide a unique birth experience with an emphasis on quality and compassion in a family-centered environment, all while keeping in mind the goal to achieve a healthy outcome for the whole family.

Personalized Maternity & Newborn Care

As the mother, it is your decision when your baby leaves the room. The newborn is able to remain at your side during visiting hours, routine check-ups, nursing care, and shift changes.

In fact, pediatricians will examine your baby and perform hearing screens at your bedside so that you are able to ask any questions you might have.

Each morning, a nurse helps you plan your daily schedule making sure to accommodate your preferred support givers. Your nurse is also available to answer any questions and to help care for you and your baby together. An optional afternoon “Siesta Time” provides quiet time for mother and baby to rest.

Becoming a mother is your experience. At UMC, you decide how to make it right for you. You have the choice between state-of-the-art technology, natural techniques, or a mix of complimentary therapies to make your delivery best for you.

Family Involvement

UMC’s atmosphere has shifted in order for family members to enjoy the same comfort and conveniences as patients, including sofas, a lounge, and much more. There is even a new entrance specially designed to be used exclusively for expecting and new mothers.

It is a comfort, as well as a benefit, having your family close by. The father, or chosen support givers, receive better education and can help you care for your baby in the hospital as well as at home.

Benefits to Family-Centered Maternity Care

  • Smoother adjustment
  • Better communication
  • More confidence through better education
  • Peace of mind having your baby by your side
  • Breastfeeding is easier and likely to be more successful
  • Your baby will cry less and will be more stable at your side
  • No special moments are missed
  • Family bonding is promoted
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