Pastoral Care Department

Our professionally trained chaplains are available 24/7 to facilitate spiritual care that respects each person’s core values and beliefs. Providing a caring atmosphere is an important part of our mission—we integrate presence, listening, and counseling to nurture hope. Our in-house chapel is available in the main lobby near the south elevators for prayer and solitude.

Our Mission

We are here for YOU!

We are here to provide compassionate spiritual care to the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

Our mission is carried out by these core components:

  • Our chaplains are professionally trained in the clinical environment to facilitate spiritual care that respects each person’s core values and beliefs.
  • We are here to provide an atmosphere of caring concern that seeks to integrate presence, listening, and counsel with the purpose of nurturing one’s hope.
  • We have a chaplain on call 24/7 to assist with spiritual care needs.
  • An in-house chapel is available for prayer and solitude. The chapel is located in the hospital’s lobby near the south entrance elevators.

Contacting the Chaplain:

You may contact a chaplain Monday-Friday, from 6AM to 7PM at 806.775.8672. After hours, you may reach a chaplain by calling the hospital operator at 806.775.8200.

You can also visit the Pastoral Care office located in the hospital lobby near the south elevators.

Our ministries include:

  • Rounding and Crisis Care – Chaplains round daily to support our patients. We are also available for crisis situations for the patient and/or family in immediate need of our services.
  • Special Chapel Services – We provide special chapel services each year for special memorials and other celebrated events.
  • Blessing of the Hands – We offer this service on an annual basis to all our staff and anyone else present who would like to participate. During this weeklong event, we round through nursing units, departments, offsite locations, and clinics to anoint patients and bless their hands, offering our support and encouragement.
  • NODA (No One Dies Alone) – A ministry providing support to a dying patient who has no family or friends to sit with them in their last moments of life. Our UMC and TTUHSC staff volunteer their free time to sit with the dying patient who qualifies for this special service.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)

UMC has partnered with the Institute for Clinical Pastoral Training (ICPT) to provide Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) to local ministers and lay people who would like to be trained as a chaplain or spiritual care provider. If you are interested in professional settings such as healthcare (hospitals, hospice centers, psychiatric wards), prisons or correction agencies, the military, police/fire departments, business, or other clinical field settings, then you will need more than an ecclesiastical endorsement or ordination. Most require CPE training.

For more information regarding the CPE program, please click HERE.

Prayer and Visit Requests

Please email or call 806.775.8672 to submit a prayer or visit request.

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