UMC Rx Perks

UMC Pharmacies and our innovative Rx Perks Program promise to make your prescriptions affordable, accessible, and accurate. Rx Perks brings patients, providers, and pharmacists together to benefit you. Our UMC Pharmacies promise to price-match other pharmacies. The difference? Our pharmacists know and work closely with your provider and your budget, resulting in lower medication prices than nearly anywhere else.

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Appointments include a one-on-one meeting with a pharmacist to:

  • Help make your medications more affordable
  • Learn more about your condition
  • Make sure you are using your medication correctly
  • Reduce medication-related problems
  • Find new medications that can improve your health

UMC Rx Perks Clinic
Medical Office Plaza II
808 Joliet Ave, Suite #120

Members can either be referred in by their physician or contact the clinic directly.

Price Match

UMC Pharmacy matches pharmacies nationwide down to $4 per prescription. 

People with Diabetes

UMC offers a program that provides most diabetes, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia medications at no cost to patients who qualify and utilize our UMC Rx Perks Program. Our Care Coordinators provide screening. If you are interested, please let your nurse, pharmacy technician, or social worker know. 

UMC Discount Cash Price Eligibility

Finally, UMC offers a discount cash price to patients who qualify based on the number of persons in the family household and annual income. If you are interested, please let your nurse, pharmacy technician, or social worker know. UMC Cash Price – All patients are eligible for the UMC Cash Price. Our cash price is typically better than other pharmacies. In addition, we will help find payment assistance for both cash-paying and insured patients. There are many co-pay assistance programs available, and often the drug manufacturer offers programs to help all patients. If you are paying more than $50 per prescription out of pocket, we can often find ways to save you money.

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