Certified Medical Assistant Program at Frenship

Jun 3rd, 2021 | Uncategorized

UMCP has partnered with Frenship High School to offer a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) course for the upcoming school year, and we cannot be more excited!

CMAs help play a vital role in healthcare and promote a more efficient environment. Because they make the process run smoother, the demand for CMA’s has increased.

This course is a great way for UMC to gain CMA’s while providing students with a door into their healthcare careers. There is only one other CMA program offered in Lubbock, so adding another is a huge opportunity. The course will start in the fall, and there will be 25 students in this year’s class. It will be in the classroom for the first semester, and in a UMCP clinic for the second semester.

The students will then take the final exam, which is paid for by the school. Once the students pass the exam and graduate, they will most likely have an interview with our health system. This is great because they will already be familiar with UMC’s patient care practices, culture and values!

We are so excited for this program to begin, and want to thank all who helped create this partnership!

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