Danny Ryan Jobe, BSN, RN

DAISY Award Winner | January 2021
Neuro ICU

The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses | In Memory of J. Patrick Barnes
Danny Ryan Jobe

Please help us congratulate Danny Ryan Jobe as our January 2021 DAISY Nurse!

On Oct. 3, 2020 my Daddy, Laroy Hawkins was taken from Trust Point to UMC and placed in Neuro ICU that afternoon and Ryan was our nurse. We as a family were so afraid and frustrated because Daddy had spent 4 weeks at another hospital. From the moment we entered UMC we breathed a sign of relief, we felt like our Daddy mattered. We felt that our Mother was able to understand that as well. We were all fully informed of the dire situation but also assured that aggressive measure would be taken. Ryan was more than our nurse, he cared for our Daddy with every part of his being. He bonded with Daddy because they both served in the Navy. He stood watch over every need that our whole family experienced. He made sure that my grandchildren and son were able to speak to him so he could understand them, and they could understand him. He wrapped his big ole self around my sister and me and cried tears with us. He listened to our stories and laughed with us, all the while teaching a student nurse and caring for other patients. When we were moved to Palliative Care on Oct. 5, his shift ended but his thoughts and prayers did not. He left us a precious note and asked to keep in touch. Daddy went home to Heaven the morning of Oct. 6, 2020. Everyone at the hospital who took part in Daddy’s care was so kind. We failed to contact Ryan of Daddy’s passing. We had a visitation and viewing at Lakeridge Chapel on Oct. 9, 2020. My sister and I were telling our Daddy goodbye for the last time when someone called to us to turn around. And there was Ryan, our dear Ryan with tears in his eyes and arms open for a hug! Nothing and no one else could have loved us as this guy did. So special! He walked us out to the car, the 3 of us the last to leave. We invited him to Mother’s home to have lunch after the service for our Daddy, but he could not get away from his shift at the hospital. Our whole family is grateful for him and have adopted him to our family. I think my Daddy would have been agreeable. When he saw Ryan across the room the day before he passed, he said as good as he could “Well there’s that red headed sailor!” Ryan does not have red hair! This is our story. I pray you consider our choice for this award not for the worldliness of it but for the genuine love and care from the genuine, loving heart of Danny Ryan Jobe. May God continue to bless all who serve at UMC Hospital.

We are proud to honor Danny Ryan Jobe as our January 2021 DAISY Recipient!


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