Elizabeth Longoria, BSN, RN

DAISY Award Winner | February 2020
Outpatient Surgery

The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses | In Memory of J. Patrick Barnes
Elizabeth Longoria

My husband and I are from New Mexico and we flew here to Lubbock. Elizabeth was my husband’s nurse after his wrist surgery. We were told that we would be able to fill his prescriptions there at the hospital before we left back to our hotel. Unfortunately things took a little longer then expected and the pharmacy at the hospital had closed. As my husband and I were talking to Elizabeth about pharmacys that were still open and having to Uber from the hospital to the hotel and then Uber from the hotel to the pharmacy and back to the hotel, Elizabeth asked if it would be ok if she helped us with getting his prescriptions. Her shift was ending soon and my husband was sick from the anesthesia and she said that she wouldn’t mind helping us if we needed it. With my husband very nauseous and being in so much pain I really didn’t want to leave him so we took her up on her offer. She called a pharmacy that took his out of state insurance and called for a prescription for nausea medicine. We gave Elizabeth some money and she also asked if we would like her to pick up some food as well so we didn’t have to leave the hotel. She picked up the prescriptions, soup, crackers and ginger ale. She brought it to us, that way I was able to get my husband back and situated. If it wasn’t for Elizabeth being so kind and helpful to us, I would have had to go out several times at 11:00pm leaving my husband alone in pain and sick. Elizabeth saved us that night and we could not be more grateful to her for all that she did. She is one of the kindest, carrying people I have met. To have a family of her own and still go out of her way to help people she has never met means everything thing to my husband and I. We truly believe she was sent from God that night. 

We are proud to honor Elizabeth Longoria, BSN, RN, as our February 2020 DAISY Award Recipient!

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