Lindsey Luchsinger, RN

DAISY Award Winner | September 2020
Outpatient Surgery

The Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses | In Memory of J. Patrick Barnes
Lindsey Luchsinger - September 2020 - The Daisy Award

As a former employee going through chemo I have been sooo blessed to have the support of my co-workers and managers who have not forgotten me. When I first got sick Lindsey incorporated the help of one of our other co-workers, Alex Monje, to help with jobs in my yard that I could no longer do alone. He was so helpful and caring. Since Alex has been deployed, Lindsey has taken it upon herself and even involved her whole family to make sure I am not overtaxed with yard work or getting groceries during this pandemic. They manicure my yard every two weeks and refuse to take payment from me. She has taken time out of her day to sit outside with me to just visit and maintain distance, and was even able to come with me to have a PICC line inserted, even when she had other family obligations. I wouldn’t have been able to survive the quarantine nor my recovery as well as I have without the help and care Lindsey has provided me. The type of care she has provided me outside of the workplace has shown me the compassion and nursing skills that are desperately needed in the field.

We are proud to honor Lindsey Luchsinger, RN as our September 2020 DAISY Recipient!

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